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The Kingdom of ToothyWiki is a pleasant place, to live or visit.  Like all countries it has its own strange customs and rituals, some borrowed from [other places], some unique to this place.

Some people come to the Kingdom on quests for research, some visiting friends.  The kingdom has its discontents and troublemakers, both residents and barbarian raiders from outside its borders.  But generally, life in the WikiKingdom is fun, peaceful (notwithstanding the fierce debates which occur in the capital's forum), and startling.

The Kingdom is the site of much creative activity itself, be it technical, artistic, or insane.  It's notable for being a gathering place and learning centre for many different schools of magic. The endeavours change as the months go by, but there's always something going on.

At the heights of the court sit MoonShadow and SunKitten, our glorious King and Queen.  They are active rulers, involved in many of the activities of their citizens.  There are few court-appointed posts; instead, the roles of servant, earl, and adjudicator are free-flowing between the inhabitants.  Ironically, the street cleaners are among the most highly respected and acclaimed members of society, for all that their work is usually invisible.

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