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A cunning and subtle species of urban animal.  Pretends to be friendly to humans, but is adept at:
- running away with all your shopping down the slightest slope or camber in the road
- running over your foot entirely unprovoked
- running unpredictably off in a strange direction to the detriment of someone else's foot
- generally refusing to change direction when you push them round a corner, and conversely, insisting on changing direction when being pushed in a straight line.  Too clever for the obvious counter measure to be effective.

Often seen abandoned around town, presumably because of the above unruliness.  But see also TrolleyImmobilisers for examples that are not entirely the trolley's fault.

AlexChurchill has always enjoyed guiding the ornery beasts around supermarkets, attempting to minimise the number and strength of pushes.  I've also always thought there could be an excellent [ComputerGame] based on a vehicle with the same property.
SkidMarks? comes to mind at this point. --Admiral

I remember that the MK Sainsburys must have been laying them off at one point, you'd find them hanging about in underpasses, filthy, huddling amongst piles of cardboard boxes and empty beer cans.  It's sad the state that they were reduced to, honestly... desperate to carry someone's - anyone's - shopping to their cars. --Jumlian
*sniffle* don't do that... - SunKitten
..um... apologies.  Jumlian

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