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Small yellow wheel-shaped clamps placed on illegally-parked trollies by traffic wardens.


Yes, those devices placed at the edges of supermarket car-parks to try and force people to use cars for shopping instead of trusting them to walk their shopping home then return the trolley. (How about a telephone trolley-collection service?)
How much would such a service cost?

MikeJeggo is DespairingOfMankind over the apparent abuse of these. He obviously thinks people are off their trolley.

So, does anyone know how they work? 

Induction loop buried in the ground just beyond the red line. Magnetic thingies in the bulges on the wheels.

Any subversion tactics?


Getting trolleys out

Causing a ruckus in other ways

Stuff wot's gonna get you instantly arrested

Just to make it clear, it wasn't Jumlian that did this.  It was just found ripped out of the ground on a Saturday, leading to the conclusion that it was "Friday night revellers" who incapacitated said device.  Whether it was intentional or not, it certainly stopped the immobiliser from working, and also I don't believe the miscreants were caught. --Jumlian

Why am I left with the feeling that ToothyWikizens are planning a surgical strike on Asda in order to remove... a trolley. --K
The ToothyWiki is bored.  It demands sacrifice.  You must bring it... a SuperMarketTrolley!  --Vitenka  (All this technology to lock the wheels, but they still can't invent wheels that don't lock, or ones that don't spin madly and try to turn you in the wrong direction)
ItsNotABugItsAFeature! --Kazuhiko


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