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UnCCG based on StudioFoglio's GirlGenius comic.

[Boardgamegeek page for it]
Huh, looks like it's out of print.  Ah well.  --Vitenka

Works much better four or six player than it does two or three.  --Vitenka (Great game, but don't overthink it, and strongly suggest 50 points rather than 100)
Weeell - much less than 100 means "first person to set up a big run wins", but 100 takes aaaaaaages with more than two players, so I guess.. - MoonShadow

Basic rules: Each turn you may flip a card, then you must rotate a card.  Then you compare the cards edge against the cards it borders and if the symbols match and you've got a bigger number, that causes the lower card to 'pop' which activates its abilities and propogates the chain.  There's more to it, but it's one of that sort of game. --Vitenka

Also, place to buy books cheaply.  There's not a great range of books, but occasionally you can find a gem.

Also a CattleMarket in Bristol.

Not Microsoft/Works


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