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Announcement: (from the mailing list):

Ah, Spring.  The ducks are shining, the squirrels are singing, and we have one heck of an announcement.

= IT'S ON=

We are duck-walking bravely into the 1900's.  On April 18th 2005, Girl Genius is going online--absolutely free--with a new page every Monday, Wednesday & Friday!  Mark your calendars--& bookmark: http://www.girlgeniusonline.com

We're excited about this and we hope you will be too.

It looks like the print versions of the comics have been indefinately shelved, they're probably still coming as print-bound books though.  --Vitenka

And then some! Woohoo *does the happy dance* - SunKitten
So should we move this to WebComics/GirlGenius then?
Just to note - as of April18 you get new comics, but it's a good place to go to see the older comics already.  Though saving them at 'one page to a panel' has made some of the wonderful wonderful details a bit hard to see.  --Vitenka

Comic series by StudioFoglio set in a universe remarkably resembling the one MoonShadow describes in SteamPunk. Additional factor - the Spark, which is a characteristic of some people. These people are the Gifted (or 'Madboys', for a less respectful term), mad scientists who tend not to care what other people think. Most Sparks are unpleasant people who think nothing of a human experiment or two. Despite this they are very charismatic - they don't find it difficult to attract followers and willing lab assistants.

The background: Europe was ruled by a number of Sparks, all holding a city or a bit of land. They were all at war with each other, until the Heterodyne Boys. The Heterodyne family is an old and distinguished one, which produced Sparks on a regular basis. Until the Boys came along, all the Heterodynes were singularly nasty, even for Sparks. I can't remember ATM what precisely the Heterodyne Boys did, but they were 'good guys'. In any case, they vanished a while before the story starts and no-one knows where they got to. Baron Wulfenbach, a Spark and travelling companion of the Heterodyne Boys, is busy conquering Europe, and he's succeeding, pretty much, ruling from Castle Wulfenbach, a gigantic airship.
We're never told what the Heterodyne boys did - all we get are snatches of legend and ridiculous pulp story books - which even their relatives agree are overinflated.  The one story we have seen is a story - about how they defeated the dragon of Mars.  --Vitenka

The university city of Beetleburg is where the story begins, and it stars Agatha Clay, a lab assistant in the university. She's a bit hopeless. On the way to the university one day, she is robbed of a locket she treasures. At the university, things don't get much better, but I'm going to stop there. The first issue is [here] for free.

It's a wonderful series with a huge cast of characters, great one-liners and a good plot (so far). The art is amazing and the storytelling very good. The only whinge is - it only comes out quarterly *cries*.


Definition of mad science?  (Narbonic-style emphasis on the 'mad') "A merry-Go-Round that can level a small town."  --Vitenka  (Looks like they've picked up on the 'resolution was too low' problem, and fixed it.)
Addition - I think the 'inventing in her underwear' schtick has moved on from FanService to the realms of RunningJoke? now.  --Vitenka

So what are your predictions?

about The Other?
Pallando thinks The Other will turn out to have been a prank by the Heterodyne Boys, who, it will be revealed, were not quite as nice as their publicity cracked them up to be.

about what the Baron got up to while away?

about what happened to the Heterodyne Boys?
Looking at their precautions for Agatha, it seems to Pallando that where ever they went, they didn't expect to return (at least not for 20 years or so). Timetravel?  Interstellar travel?  Interdimensional travel?

OP = SunKitten

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