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These are card games that are not CCGs; that is, entire sets and only entire sets of cards are sold. The existence of "expansions" or "sequels" does not make an UnCCG into a CCG, for the same reason that SettlersOfCatan is not generally thought of as a Collectable BoardGame. Ordinary PlayingCards are the traditional UnCCG.

A lot of UnCCGs predate CCGs; Uno? is one example. Uno? also falls into the category of UnCCGs that can be mapped onto a standard deck of PlayingCards; MikeJeggo is one person MoonShadow knows who can recall the standard mapping. Mike? A lot of the post-RichardGarfield? UnCCGs borrow mechanics and ideas from the CCG world. Do not be fooled. UnCCGs are very different beasts, and probably better compared with strategy BoardGames than CCGs.


A trivial example, this can be emulated by a pack of PlayingCards. See http://www.brikkerogbrett.com/games/uno.shtml, for instance.
Having met lots of people I'm not sure there is a single standard mapping of Uno cards onto PlayingCards.  The one I've always played (with some other variations in the rules) is: J=reverse, Q=play again (not in normal Uno), K=skip, A=change colour, 2=+2.  If you want +4s, you can use the jokers.  Sorry it took me so long to spot this and respond --MikeJeggo
Generally this gets called '[BlackJack]' to utterly confuse everyone about the other two BlackJack games.  Anyway.  To get +4 you respond to a +2 with another +2 - and so on.  Last person to not play a penalty card gets hit with the lot.  --Vitenka

And its five expansions (not all used at once... unless you're demented, I suppose)

Based on StudioFoglio's GirlGenius comic.

Trade and plant beans, trying to avoid getting stuck with useless ones.

Multi-player 'build your own conspiracy' game. Suffers from usual problem with unstructured multi-player games (everyone one turn from winning, everyone cooperating against a win by any one player, until 'countermeasures' of whatever form are exhausted by all players. Next player to move wins.
Should add here that there exists an Illuminati CCG - basically the same rules, different cards.

Hilarious dungeon-crawl simulator. I played D&D when I was about 12, and this is so accurate, it's painful. Suffers from problem above, but is worth playing just for the laughs. Two expansions exist, which I believe to contain more cards, but no major rules changes.

Many of the actions change the rules in non-fundamental ways - number of cards to draw, winning conditions, etc etc. Suffers from being a bit luck-based, but is fun as light entertainment.

Frantic card exchange game for lots of players. Alex made CambridgePit?, which was a staple for a while at GamesEvening.

Make many such games, and a number more which are games that use cards as a convenient mechanic. Usually a little oddball, and sometimes they suffer from being a bit one-dmensional strategy wise, but definitly worth the price.

Travel the time-line "fix" matters along the way. Steal stuff while you're at it. Utterly insane and rather fun. Possibly a little complex though.



[King's Blood]
Anime-styled card game where players "build the family tree by arranging marriages, exiling rivals, and crowning new royalty. Match a character with a compatible member of the opposite sex, and start a new generation."

(more here)

I've come across many in the line of cheap and tacky souvenir type games that little children bother their parents for.  It occurs to me that these are probably much easier and cheaper to market than CCGs, even though the profit is nowhere near as good.  --FR
Mar? Ket? You just put them on sale. --Requiem

see also CCG, PlayingCards

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