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"Your move."

The dice roll was an /Eleven. Lucky. /Anna moved the little figurine out of the /Store and into the surrounding parkland. Setting the /RPG in Cambridge had seemed like a good idea at the time, but the more she played, the more she began to identify with her character; she felt the others doing the same, too. The plot was growing to resemble real life entirely too much, and she didn't think this was healthy, given recent events. Still, there was a game to play, and an /Eleven meant she had a certain /Advantage? for the next few turns that the others didn't know about yet. She winked at the gamesmaster.


She always had enjoyed winning. Not just coming first, but actively smashing her opponent into the dust. She thought back to the game she'd played earlier. The look on the guy's face when she played the third Aether Flash! She really ought to find out his /Name. Flirting with him could be fun - he looked just the sort to get hooked easily but try not to let on. She liked being in control.


/Cara? watched her leave, wondering.  For a minute she'd been sure that she had been about to have to deal with her first shoplifter, but then the young woman had just asked her a few questions and left.


"...do you have one balanced closer to the hilt, and perhaps without so much filigree around here?" asked /Anna.
The man disappeared towards the back of the /Store, and returned with a wooden box. "The best I can do is this, he said, but you'd need permission from the /Dean?, what with..."
"Yes, yes. /Richard?, can I get it?" She asked, winking at him, and remembering her /Advantage?.
The /StoreKeeper blew dust off the top of the box, and fiddled with the clasp - when he got the box open, /Anna stared at the /Sword? within, and was far too enthralled by it to hear the /GameMaster?'s reply.

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