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/Richard? had enjoyed coming up with the setting for the campaign. When he'd found the notice in /GamesAndPuzzles about some gamers wanting to start a new /RPG, he thought it was an excellent opportunity to try out his new "real magic" system.  And everyone had been in favour of basing the setting around /Cambridge?.

As the /GameMaster?, he'd had some rough ideas where the /Plot? would go.  He'd planned some /Encounters, created a few non-player /Characters?, and so on.  But, like any /RPG, the direction it took was ultimately up to the players.

He certainly hadn't planned for this.  So he was having to make things up as he went along.  This wasn't a problem in itself, of course: skill at dealing with the /Unexpected? was a basic skill of being a /GameMaster?



/Anna was wondering if she ought to just drop out.  The way events were going in the game was... unsettling her.  She tried to convince herself: It's just a game, right?  There's no point getting frightened of the way things happen in something so obviously /Fantasy?.

Except, of course, half of the problem was that it wasn't just the game world.  Okay, the /Dean? of her college wasn't a wizard in the real world, but he had made that /Announcement, just a couple of days after his counterpart in the game did.

And her fellow-adventurers...  She shuddered again at the uncomfortable thought.  Of course you don't expect everyone in a /Party? to get on perfectly, but... if what had happened between /George? and /Louise? had any effect on their relationships in the real world...

She wasn't happy.  But, she thought to herself, I do enjoy it.  I really wouldn't want to drop out, not now.  It is fun.

And it's just a game.

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