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"He must have had a reason!"

The servant recoiled slightly.

"I... I'm sorry, sir.  But we can't find one. It looks like it was just a random attack."

"Tell me again who it was who was injured?"

"Nobody was injured.  The female was just shocked.  She said the aggressor ran off."

"And did anyone see this, or was it just the two of them?"

"Apparently there was a /Third there... she thinks they might have scared off her attacker.  But then they just... /Vanished."


He mused to himself.  There was no point following through with this if he didn't have a reason.  It would be a pointless risk - of his position, and his health - if he couldn't justify to himself why he was doing it.

But then, he wondered, isn't so much of what people do, done for no reason they can explain?



The /Encounter had gone quite badly. /Anna had been trying to get back to the /Lamppost to change things before it was too late, when they had been jumped. Help had arrived in time, but even so...

/Game or not, the /RPG seemed to be /Leaking, somehow.


"We have confirmed what you have told us. You were truthful. No blame attaches to you. It is unfortunate that he was armed."

"There was nothing I could do; he had gone quite insane. One minute he was calm, the next.." - /Victor shuddered.

"He was /Reason - struck. He saw you: an animal, yet dressed and speaking like a being. The /Ceremony? had not prepared him for this - he had no instincts for it; and thus /Reason returned. He was too old, and his mind could not cope."

"So it was my fault..."

"No blame attaches to you."

/Victor buried his face in his hands.

"There is still the matter of the survivor."

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