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Do do do do dedede
Do do de-de do dedede.
Do doo de doo do de do doo de doo.
Doo doo doo do de doo doo de doo.
Doo do dooo do do dedede do doo do de dedede do doo
Doo de doo, doo de doo...

StuartFraser, who has the sheet music for the original trilogy and can play most of the famous ones, wonders what is being "doo"ed out here. By my reckoning, the main theme would be:

''DeDeDe? Do Dooo dedede Dooo Do
DeDeDe? Doo Do dedede Dooo (rpt)''

And the Imperial March:

''Do Do Do Dum dede Dum dede (rpt)
De Dum dededum De-de-de dum Dum Do
De-de-de dum Dum de dum de de Dum de Do''

It's the imperial march.  Your version is missing the drum line at the start.  (Say dedede as three fast beats, slightly higher than the de's)

Hmm.  I have a new idea for a visualisation plugin.  I wonder how possible it is?
ChrisHowlett has actually played NameThatTune like this online...
What an excellent idea. :) --Rachael

Wasn't it also the name of some American missile system or something else cold-war-ish?  --FR
Colloquial name for the Reagan-era SDI project; eventually scrapped as unworkable. Scheme was dreamed up post-1977 so the name was taken from the film. Bush II's NMD project is occasionally called "Son of Star Wars" for this reason. --SF
I move that it be called "Episode I - the Phantom Menace". --Requiem
^_^ What happens when the missile shield fails : "The Empire Strikes Back." And we all die. -- Xarak

Master Yoda taught Count Dooku. Count Dooku taught Qui-Gon Jinn. Qui-Gon taught Obi Wan and was killed by a student of Darth Sidious. Obi Wan killed Darth Sidious' student. Count Dooku became Darth Sidious' new student. Count Dooku beat up Obi Wan and Anakin, but run away from Yoda in shame. Obi Wan taught Anakin Skywalker. Anakin killed Count Dooku and became Darth Sidious' new pupil. Obi Wan maimed Anakin and taught Luke Skywalker. Anakin killed Obi Wan and maimed Luke. Yoda taught Luke and died. Luke maimed Anakin again. Anakin killed Darth Sidious and died.

It was clear that something in the Jedi system of education had to change.

(SergeiLukjanenko; original [here]).
Very amusing, apart from the fact that I believe Palpatine's nickname was Darth Sidius.  I really hope this isn't a sign of a HarryPotter complex.  --FR
Sidious, apparently. --Requiem

[Is the Empire a force of good?]
I feel that the obvious answer to this is no. It could only ever be considered so if you truly believed that a large massively powerful country (say, for instance The USA) is a force purely for good, and that it secceding from an multinational organisation (say for instance, the UN) and making its own mind up to go to war with other countries that stand no chance in a straight fight against it, is a good idea. He also fails to mention that the Empire destroyed a whole planet of living beings purely to find out the whereabouts of the rebellion HQ. Benign? I think not. --Tsunami
He doesn't fail to mention Alderaan. True, the justification is rather flimsy, but it is the kind of thing I could imagine from the mouths of large and powerful countries ;) I would probably argue that neither side were really particularly good. So in making a choice, we should go with the cute. Ewoks every time! XD - SunKitten (Luke Skywalker was my first crush *^^* )
No, on that count I am with the empire. Ewoks are the ultimate evil and must be destroyed! ^_^ --Tsunami
What I think he failed to mention was the Empires advocation of slavery which is touched on by han solo in refernce to chewy. --Steve
Urge... to mention the Endor Holocaust pages... rising!  Hell... let me look for the link.  I'll be right back.-TsundereLightning

"Darth Vader is dead?"
"Yes, it's all over."
Princess Leia whipped out a lightsaber from her corset and dropped into a battle stance.
"Luke Skywalker! You killed my father! Prepare to die!"

[from here]

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