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One of the most popular DatingSim series in Japan.

There's a review of TokimekiMemorial 3 [here], including discussion of the innovative (and still some-way-from-perfect) rendered 3D characters.

See DatingSim for more discussion.

The latest TokimekiMemorial game has been announced, and... it's a MMORPG, deliberately created to have a major romance theme...  Players get to [create a customised student avatar], then wander around a giant Japanese school's [corridors] and [grounds], chatting to other players and... [flirting] with them. (Dialog from that last shot: Boy: "That hairband looks really good on you!" Girl: "Thank you for the present, I'll treasure it!" And they're both blushing. Is the blush level a user-controllable flirting parameter, one wonders?)

*Kazuhiko ROTFLs for a while*...  Given standard MMORPG mechanics one is forced to wonder A) what the 'stats' are, B) how you go about 'levelling up'...  Given the existance of gifts there must also be ways of earning 'money'...  All these things are far too terrifying to comprehend.  ("Congratulations, you have reached  flirt level 15 and blush level 20!  You can now take down small aircraft with the glare from your cheeks!")


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