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Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game

You will also sometimes see MMOG (which more accurately describes the amount of RolePlay? done in these games).

Pronounced "MUMORPUGGER", according to ZeroPunctuation - SunKitten

Do any wikizens play these kinds of game?  I've been looking at a couple lately but was wondering if anyone had any recommendations (other than 'Don't').

[onRPG] has many listed, including a number of [free ones], but no real way of telling which, if any, are worth the time... --K

I can positively advise to avoid ragnarok and legend of mir for reasons of crappiness.  Everquest due to reasons of it sucking out your soul.  Others can die on their merits - if you aren't fussed about genre or being with pople that you know then you can get by on free beta tests forever at the rate they are coming out.  (Currently - horizons 'cool, you can be a dragon' followed by guildwars 'etherlords style pvp' followed by muonline 'supposed to be good but utterly incomprehensible')  --Vitenka

I've decided to give /FairyLand a try --K

[A big list of free games] (some trials, many in perpetual beta and some purely free as in puppies.)

MoonShadow has been mucking about with /KingdomOfLoathing. It reminds him a little of Munchkin?.

Tsunami has been playing quite  a lot of GuildWars, and has enjoyed it so far.  Vitenka also has it.

Requiem bought /WorldOfWarcraft? as as way of decreasing the money he spends on computer games. A year later, he games as much as ever but it's all on WorldOfWarcraft?. (Duskleaf, 70 priest, Darkmoon Faire server, Horde side.)

I can give 'minions of mirth' a nod as being an interesting model to follow - it's only locally multiplayer (up to six people band together) but you can chat to and affect the whole server through your actions.  Sadly, it's a resource hog and basically a rmake of everquest - but interesting.

Oh, and AnarchyOnline is still free...  --Vitenka

"This is daylight robbery." The half-elf grimaced as he counted out the trader's gold.
"Really!", sniffed the princess indignantly. "He might have given us a discount for my beautiful eyes if nothing else!"
"The discount for your eyes is already included in the total." The trader bowed gallantly. "Everything is in accordance with the pricelist, your highness, and I will not go a groat less."
"Money-grubbing scum", the gnome muttered.
"A true member of the World Union of Money-Grubbing Scum", nodded the trader. "Fully paid up."
"Incidentally, we're heroes!", remarked the halfling.
"And I'm a trader. What of it?"
"We're saving this world", the half-elf explained.
"Day and night", the halfling added.
"With our sweat and blood", the gnome pitched in.
The barbarian thought for a moment, then stretched out his arms.
"With these hands."
"Dear, kind trader!", cooed the princess. "Please, please give us a discount! What, would it really cost you that much?"
"Not me, you.", the trader said sharply. "I believe I have already explained quite clearly what costs and how much. If you want it, pay; if not, don't."
"But we can't fight without supplies!", the princess exclaimed. "How is the world to be saved?"
The trader beckoned the princess to come close, and leaned forward to whisper secretively in her ear.
"Do you read the news?", he asked. "Today there are over 50,000 registered heroes in the world. And one hundred and fifty native inhabitants. Explain to me again who it is you wish to save from what?"
[Original here].

CategoryAbbreviation, CategoryComputerGames; see also RolePlayingGame and CRPG.  Hmm, do we have too many classifications for rather similar things here?
Just a few - it's a very splintered thing, and we don't have the multiple inheritance structure to do anything other than massively interconnect it.  --Vitenka

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