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In the top bar, under the title of the page and to the right of the main navigation links (your name, ToothyWiki, RecentChanges, etc) is an area where you can add some personal bookmarks (if you log in to the site).

To set these bookmarks, you need to go to your preferences, which can be found by clicking on the ID number next to your username.  Then scroll down to the section labelled "Additional bookmarks" near the bottom.

In this area, you can fill in as many bookmarks as you want, with spaces between them, as long as the total length of all the links is less than 255 characters.

Links can be of the following types:

As an example, Bob has the following in his bookmark preferences:
 http://www.bob.com/:BobHome &=LJ~IAmBob:LJ TodayIAmMostly

This means Bob gets three extra links in his top bar.  One titled BobHome which goes to his homepage, one titled LJ which goes to the LiveJournal for IAmBob and the last one linking directly to the ToothyWiki page TodayIAmMostly.

If you want more space in the top bar for your own links, you can also check the "Don't display Preferences or Logout links in link bar" option in your preferences.

MoonShadow?  At some point, when you get a RoundTuit, you should probably change the link format for LiveJournal to the current http://livejournalname.livejournal.com/ --K

ec2-3-80-4-76.compute-1.amazonaws.com | ToothyWiki | ToothyWikiInternals | RecentChanges | Login | Webcomic
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