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ToothyWikiInternals pages

Short page on wiki mindwipes

Name-and-shame of more interesting / idiotic attack attempts on toothycat.net

How to make the Wiki offer quick links to pages you view a lot.

Spec for work-in-progress.

Real-time chat in your browser.

Who's indexing the wiki?

Describes the operation of same.

Basic formatting docs and shortlist of ToothyWikiInternals pages relevant to formatting

What they are, and what can be done about them.

Source for same.

Log them here.

Discussion of exploitable bugs and "features".

Frequently Asked (and answered) Questions

How they were generated

Details of markup used for Go boards, and dynamic extensions for generic games

Logs of what people searched for to get here, and discussion thereof

How user and session information is stored

Proposal and related discussion; voting.

How to upload images for use on the wiki.

If anyone is interested. Botchy, and rather out of date now.

Kinds of nonstandard links supported.

Syntax for generating various lists of links.

How to do that.

Info and support for people whose mail toothycat.net hosts.

Not exactly supported, but not impossible either.

Should probably move to WikiEtiquette

Work in progress on diff algorithm

The RSS feed of RecentChanges.

Sign some text. Used for some of the games.

Suggested patches to apply to the code.

Notices and explanations.

Discussion, requests and lists of alterations from the original UseModWiki script.

System links

Action: index
Generate an alphabetical list of all pages on this wiki (slow!).

Image: 1 [img.pl]
The /ImageServer; it provides a place where you can upload images, so you can refer to them using the Image:number syntax in the wiki.

The /DiceRollServer; it lets people make dice rolls, recording decisions that might be affected by the result first, keeps the results in a log and lets people link to them from the wiki relatively easily.

The /SignatureServer; it lets you commit to a decision, or tell people you have some secret information, and later prove that the decision you ultimately took was the one you committed to, or the information you reveal is what you had when you first said you had it.

(more when MoonShadow writes them)

Following a request by email, there is a copy of the ToothyWiki source [here] (in fact, AIUI it's a requirement of the license that I make it available on request..) - it won't necessarily stay up to date, but I'll update it when/if prodded (last updated October 1 2004).
The wiki, image server etc. currently use the following modules:
[FileCook.pm] - provides simple hacky functionality to store/read complex perl structures like lists of lists etc.
[SafeIO.pm] - wraps filecook in hacky locking functionality
[Search.pm] - provides indexing back end for page titles (todo: find notes about the implementation which are buried somewhere on the wiki)
[TextIndex.pm] - provides general-purpose text indexing back end
[PageFetch.pm] - just the page fetching code from usemod, for other scripts to use as a module
[backgroundindex.pl] - kicks off indexing in the background when someone saves a page

CategoryComputing, CategoryWiki

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