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Online diary. http://www.livejournal.com

Accounts are acquired either by invitation from a friend, or by paying a small amount to the site admins. (This is an attempt to avoid the September effect).

This isn't true. I don't know if it used to be the case, though. Accounts can be created free-of-charge; paid-for accounts have extra features. All you need is a separate email account (and possibly a graphical browser / audio output facility to get through their mechanism aimed at preventing automatic sign-up). -- Bobacus
It was true until not very long ago, when the LJ admins decided that they had enough hardware and their software was scaleable enough to deal with the extra influx of users that re-enabling completely free account creation would bring. -- ChessyPig

Links to people's livejournals

MoonShadow has spotted that a number of people have been coming from links ToothyWikizens' LiveJournals, so thought he'd put up this page as a hub for links to said LiveJournals. Not that he's actually going to link to someone's diaries from a public forum without their permission, but if anyone felt like mentioning their LiveJournal here.. *hint*, *hint*

People could alternatively put LiveJournal on their ToothyWiki home pages -- Bobacus

For those who find it convenient, [this page] contains the last 25 entries made publically to any of the diaries listed below (except those of Nataku and Rjk, who aren't on TheInquisitor's Fiends List). If anybody would rather not be on this page, do tell me. -- TI

Well, since it's happily Googleable (one might even say 'eminently', could one spell it), Senji has a livejournal at Image: 78 [senji].

Ditto.  The top Google hit for Angoel is my livejournal, at Image: 78 [angoel].  Not that I actually update it much.

TheInquisitor has one, intermittantly updated, at: Image: 78 [theinquisitor], appropriately.

Emperor's is also far from exciting, and is not googlable, so he doesn't want to link to it from here, but the username relatively guessable :-)
You could always link to ungooglable places via the redirection script, like [this] - our [robots.txt] won't allow Google to crawl through that link. But it's up to you :) - MoonShadow
I think we can all find it quite easilly now, given the previous comment...

Sally's isn't exciting, but breaks the trend by being at Image: 78 [atreic]  The world has many Sallys.
Many Sallys, but only one Sally.

ChrisHowlett doesn't have one, and intends never to keep one. He is, however, tempted to register merely so he can comment on other people's. But probably not ATM.
Oh the joy of registering isn't just so you can comment, as at least at the moment you're quite free to leave me anonymous comments with your name on the bottom.  It's getting to see everyone else's friends only posts....
More importantly - you get everyones thingies on your fiends page... -- Senji
StuartFraser suspects that this was not a typo, and thinks that everyone should have a fiends page.
Long running joke, blame it on some childrens book or other I think :).  Hmm, can I change the title of my friends page without being a paid user I wonder.... -- Senji
Not that this will worry you, but yes you can. It's in the profile settings. -- TI

Nataku babbles quite regularly in her LJ about all the boring/excruciating minutae of her life and thoughts at Image: 78 [sakon76].

I guess Vitenka/WikiBlog? should go here.  Despite that it was originally intended to be a pisstake.  Evil suctioning thing.

ChessyPig keeps one at Image: 78 [chess], very infrequently currently.

Edith got one at Image: 78 [edith_the_hutt], Meh

One seems to have hunted down NickTaylor and attached to him, at Image: 78 [tienelle].

Naath has been Image: 78 [naath] for ages...
But makes almost no entries which aren't friends-only...
So that my parents don't read it.  duh.  I'll add you if you ask.
That was mostly for the information of non-assimilated Wikizens?, who were browsing and couldn't see anything. But yes.

Rjk has one at Image: 78 [ewx]

Matthew Davison has one at Image: 78 [mdavison]

MoonShadow and SunKitten appear to have found themselves in possession of one at [toothycat]. w00t :)

Due to otherwise excessive nagging from Sally, StuartFraser has given up and acquired one, with great reluctance. It is at Image: 78 [ilanin] since that saved people having to remember a new name for me to go by.

In a moment of randomness, Requiem acquired one, at Image: 78 [requiem_17_23]. He was very surprised to find that there's already a Requiem on livejournal. Now to remember not to post when too drunk to remember posting the next morning...

RobHu also has one @ Image: 78 [robhu]

Rachael has a LiveJournal account but not an actual journal at Image: 78 [woodpijn]

Why write them?

MoonShadow cannot imagine quite what possesses people to put their daily minutiae on the web, but is grateful for it since he rather enjoys reading them.
Took me a while to work it out, too. If nothing else, it does reduce by a factor of 2 the amount of time you spend on IM services answering questions along the lines of 'so, how was your day?'. It seems to function somewhat like keeping a diary, but with feedback - which is a major incentive to actually remember to update it. What possesses anyone to enjoy reading them is another matter. No clue on that one. -- TheInquisitor
But they are [Evil]!
Because it stops Sally nagging me to get one. --SF

What Goes In One?

[NekoBox] has a good shot across the bows here.  I think that LiveJournal can mostly be summed up as being used by the same people who put up a GeoCities? HomePage? saying "I have a WEBSITE!  This is my CAT.  Here are my TEETH!" - only easier to do and thus more frequently updated.  ThisIsNotAGoodThing?.  Indeed, it might be a BadThing.  --Vitenka
LiveJournal is often nothing more than a place for idle chatter and gossip, true. Why is this a bad thing? --Edith
Quite. It's a way of touching base with friends I won't see IRL for ages. I can also put up and participate in silly memes. --Requiem
Oh - it's not inherently awful - I mean this wiki is doing much the same thing.  It's the "This is my CAT!" bit - the desperate 'see!  Like me!' stuff that is aimed at the world at large rather than a group of friends and - of course - the angst.  LJ is just an unusually easy target for these criticisms ;)  --Vitenka
Nothing wrong with a bit of gothy angst now and again, if you hide it decently behind lj-cuts. I think it's more to do with September than LiveJournal. --Requiem
A good point - but if September becomes associated with a particular hiding place then that hiding place becomes forever contaminated.  See AmericaOnline?.  --Vitenka
"Eew. Don't get any of that September on me..."


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