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-Inspired by the FastShow.

The idea for this page is as a place to let people know how dull life can get sometimes.
Add new entries to the top, and delete your old entries when you do so.

macloud TodayIAmMostly revisiting old virtual haunts.
[Garbled]: TodayIAmMostly looking forwards to meeting up with MoonShadow and other old friends tomorrow
PeterTaylor: TodayIHaveBeenMostly? trying to figure out what words to put into the [Lost Orb of Phanastacoria]. Successfully.
The prize turned out to be two precon decks and two boosters. Not yet opened, on the offchance that at some point I'll manage to meet up with a WebComics/DarthsAndDroids reader who plays MagicTheGathering and wants to draft.
Pallando: TodayIAmMostly attending the launch of EliteDangerous? at the Imperial War Museum
ChrisHowlett: TodayIAmMostly surprised that I seem to have a schoolgirl! What happened to the tiny little girl I used to have? Good luck to Annabel on her first day.
Kazuhiko: TodayIAmMostly anticipating whereas Nataku is expecting.  The 5th of September is nigh.
Admiral: TodayIAmMostly arguing with code written by mathematicians. That generates code. In Fortran. That isn't thread safe. <grumble>.
SunKitten: TodayIAmMostly driving across Tampa Bay and really appreciating air con!
MikeJeggo: TodayIAmMostly about to spend my last night in Hokkaido. I'll miss you (tho not all the snow). Hi Chiba, よろしくおねがいします!
Steve: TodayIAmMostly playing Wakfu?, I have a Sacrier called Tanith if anyone else plays and wants to friend me.
AnnabelHowlett: TodayIAmMostly a big sister! Hello to Benjamin Michael Howlett, born 13/05/2011 at 00:42!
Yay!! Congrats all! --Rachael
Wow, congratulations to all :) - SunKitten
FlameRider: TodayIAmMostly back at the wiki! I've also forgotten just about everything I used to know about writing this stuff.
Reading about the [KardashevScale], and wondering why it hasn't appeared on ToothyWiki before? --RobHu
[DouglasReay/DysonBubble] is slightly related. --DR
MoonShadow: TodayIAmMostly discovering the incredibly useful Firefox [Furigana injector] (requires [ruby support]).
RobHu: Married :-)
You have gone somewhere no bachelor has been before, so I can give you no advice!  The wedding was great fun - have a good time in Wales! - DDD
Of course we're having fun... we have the internet... --RobHu
Pigwotflies: TodayIAmMostly marrying RobHu!
Yay --Pallando
Tsunami: TodayIAmMostly unemployed, again. :(
That's notgood... *sympathy*
I don't actually know what areas you're skilled in, but [we're] basically always hiring. Of course, we're also in London... --CH
welcome to the wonderfull world of little to no money, and uncaring jobcentre advisors [/cynicism]macloud
Rachael and AlexChurchill: TodayWeAreMostly expecting a baby!! (Due in June.)
Congratulations, congratulations, congratulations! I'm so happy for you both, and I'm sure I speak for Chel as well! Wonderful news just before Christmas! --ChrisHowlett
Yay, congratulations :) - SunKitten
Also, many congratulations! - Tsunami
^_^ --RobHu
Bounce! Bounce! Bounce! Hooray! --Pigwotflies
Yeay!  Join the club! --M-A
Yay! --Edwin
Yay, many congratulations! --qqzm
*boing*boing* Much specialness :)  Congratulations... --MJ
You will make wonderful parents.  Congratulations --Douglas? and Louise
Jumlian: TodayIAmMostly taking vacant possession.  Hopefully.
StuartFraser: TodayIAmMostly wondering why the lab network hates me. Laptop says it can't find the domain controller in order to add itself to the domain. Laptop is certainly capable of pinging the domain controller. Hmph?
Domain controller service not running on domain controller? Firewall settings blocking domain controller port? Laptop hardwired to look for domain controller in a place where it isn't? --MoonShadow
ElliottBelser: TodayIAmMostly pinching myself, because Ben Lehman actually made BlissStage/VisualStage official!  http://forum.rpg.net/showthread.php?p=10911836#post10911836
DouglasReay: TodayIAmMostly unconscious, having surgery on my toe.  It may be a while before I make GamesEvening again.
ouch! get well soon. macloud:
AngelaRayner: TodayIAmMostly going to Dorset!  Woo hoo!
Ooh, where are you going? Have fun :) - SunKitten
MawKernewek: TodayIAmMostly back to ToothyWiki after more than 2 years away.
Welcome back :) - SunKitten
Tango: TodayIAmMostly having a conjunctival flap operation =>;.;<= It went fine, but I'm not looking forward to all the medicine Rachael and AlexChurchill have to give me for the next week. But my eye's hurting a bit less now than it was before the op.
Vitenka: TodayIAmMostly learning that 'create a little ftp server' is not a particularly simple introduction to sockets level programming.
Garbled TodayIAmMostly Wishing you a MerryChristmas
Bobacus: TodayIAmMostly annoyed with the InformationServicesDepartment.
[[DouglasReay]: TodayIAmMostly [a parent]
Congratulations :) - SunKitten
Requiem TodayIAmMostly celebrating getting a permanent job. *dances*

 \,,/ - ElliottBelser (who is "throwing the horns," a punk rock salute, if you couldn't tell)
Don't remember the Sex Pistols or the Clash ever doing that.
Could be more heavy metal, or just American. --ElliottBelser
\,,/ It's a metal salute. --Requiem
M-A: TodayIAmMostly enjoying my new iphone.
Pixel: TodayIAmMostly snorting grass.
qqzm: TodayIAmMostly stalking Tsunami. Or maybe he's stalking me. I think I saw him at Cambridge Railway Station at 0930 this morning, then I'm fairly sure I saw him around lunchtime as I drove out of Blyth services, 100 miles away.
Mwhhahahahaha, yes it is quite possible that you saw me at both those places at those times, as I was about there and then for both :) However, it would be the most increadible coincidence. Which isn't to say it didn't happen :) --Tsunami
Wikivic: TodayIAmMostly 3D modelling a toilet - the heights of artistic accomplishment!
Nataku: TodayIAmMostly paradoxically wiped by fansub editing and invigorated by seeing the Transformers movie.
ToothyCat.Net: TodayIAmMostly packed o.O;;
RobHu: TodayIAmMostly wondering if SpaceBattleshipYamato? is worth watchor not.
in a word - yes, most definatly! [yes i know that waas more than one word.... macloud
FlameRider: TodayIAmMostly fuming.  I got an essay back, for which I got a wonderful score of 23.  There were two reasons for this.  The first is that it was six days late, leading to 30 points being deducted.  However, I maintain that I handed it in the day after a lecture which I had to hear before writing the thing, and the lecture wasn't until five days after the due date.  The other problem was that it was half the length it should have been: that was my mistake, thinking it would be the same length as every other essay I've written this year.  Anyway, 13 points were deducted for that, so in fact I got the quite respectable mark of 66, meaning that my actual content was fine.
I feel much better for having ranted; thank you for your kind patience.  ;)--FR
Indigo: TodayIAmMostly doing a random google serch and rediscovering this wiki after years!
Steve: TodayIAmMostly Annoyed; my power supply isn’t up to running my new motherboard and the fastest I can get a new one is Saturday - as such, I won’t be in Cambridge, I will instead be elbow-deep in computer guts - but it’s all good fun. See you all Wednesday.
Hoshi-Chan: TodayIAmMostly Waiting to move house, surrounded by boxes and preparing to come home (^^).
Koryne: TodayIAmMostly hiding from doing more job applications, and poking Requiem until he chases up the almost-job he has.
Grumpf: TodayIAmMostly hating Internet Explorer and rewriting a homepage that looks very good in Firefox but not on IE.
Senji: TodayIAmMostly going aaaaarrrrrgggghhh at Centos.
Androidkiller TodayIAmMostly letting simulations run
Xarak: TodayIAmMostly BA, and looking for stuff to do for the next few months until I start to become DPhil...
hart: TodayIAmMostly irritated that the DTS package throws errors when I use more than 5 temp tables in a process.
Microsoft SQL Server?  I only did really basic transfer stuff in DTS --K
Edwin: TodayIAmMostly connecting to a computer via remote desktop over a modem via more remote desktop.  It's as fun as it sounds.
TodayIAmMostly vomiting up my insides because my university changed the dissertation date to Friday. Have wrangled a reprive on account of said vomiting, crying and public break-down, but you won't be seeing me for a while as I will be writing up and dying. See you on the otherside I hope. - Hoshi-Chan
Good luck! Hope you feel better soon too... ^.^; --CH
Damn!  Well I'm sure you'll do fine. --Steve
Oh no! That's so not on! Best of luck and see you then.. - SunKitten
Jay: TodayIAmMostly tidying things up at work because it's my last day here. Tuesday sees me starting as a Senior Unix Administrator at the University.
Woohoo - good luck :) - SunKitten
Edith: TodayIAmMostly transfering files. (Given the location of the server I suspect a pile of DVDs and a swift walk would be faster than this)
Angoel: TodayIAmMostly procrastinating about revising for exams.  Or revising for same.
Indigo: TodayIAmMostly blissfully ignoring essays in order to make a chocolate birthday cake, for someone i don't really like but who happens to be in my tutor group. oh well. chocolate is good.
Assuming asking the manufacturer's tech support about spares fails, my next port of call would be the grumpy guy in Computer Resale, 4 Mill Road, Cambridge. - MoonShadow
Kii: TodayIAmMostly in a daze. I came upon this site - Collection of sites rather - and I am jumping right in because it seems like something that can keep me sane. >.> Did anyone else find it wonderfully overwhelming on your first visit here?
(PeterTaylor) Probably about half of the regulars were here more-or-less from the beginning. I imagine there is quite a lot to see if you're new now.
The VisitorsBook seems to contain comments from a number of people with similar reactions, which you should probably check out if you haven't seen it before :) And WelcomeToWiki! --AlexChurchill
Yes, yes I did see the VisitorsBook; it seems like most of the people there just signed and left...I'd like to think I should be here for a bit longer ^_^ --Kii
Excellent :) - SunKitten
PsychoBabe, AlexChurchill and Rachael: TodayWeAreMostly NaNoWriMo Winners! Image: 170
Congratulations :) - SunKitten
Well done guys! I knew you'd all do it... --qqzm
Denji: TodayIAmMostly full of mixed emotions. A little doubtful that no-one likes my comic @_@;; but we all get like that ^^;, happy 'cause our puppies' eyes are opening! and in love since yesterday with Eclipse, Raenef, [Jonny Depp] and Gackt.. what never happened before.. Obviously a rush of teenage hormones  *__*;;;.
HamStress: TodayIAmMostly preparing for a carnival
LouiseBurfleet: TodayIAmMostly Sat at work on a checkout waiting for the next customer to occasionally drift past.

Idea now used by [twitter.com] - perhaps we should have patented it? --DR

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