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The last RPG that SquareSoft? made for the SNES, Treasure Hunter G was never officially released in English, but it's easy enough to find a translation online.

What this game really has going for it is the battle system.  First of all, as with ChronoTrigger, you generally see the enemy before you battle them, so you can often try and dodge around them to avoid battle.  As for the battle itself, you fight on a 2D grid.  Each character gets a certain number of Action Points, which are spent every time you move, attack, cast a spell, use an item, or other such things.  The closer you are to an enemy, the more are used up per action. 

Most weapons can only reach a square next to a character, but there are some (such as boomerangs) that attack multiple squares (In the bommerang's case, one adjacent square, and then the next one in that direction), making it possible to hit multiple enemies per attack.

Spells and special attacks generally affect multiple squares, like the ones in FinalFantasyTactics.  The interesting thing here is that rather than each spell of the same level having the same areas of effect, they vary; Fire spells hits in a line in front of you, Lightning hits in an area around you, and Ice hits in an area in front of you.  One character even has a neat set of abilities that lay a trap on a square adjacent to him, which will then go off the next time anyone walks over that square.  These include an exploding land mine and a trap that teleports you to a random square on the grid.

There are also tons of cool items that can be used in battle.  Frogs can be used to automatically attack an enemy, various jars (such as the Ice Jar) count down to a nasty explosion that hurts any character or enemy near them when they go off, and just about any item can be thrown to deal damage.

I can't really say much about the storyline at the moment, since I haven't come all that far, but I'm really enjoying myself.  --Ultros


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