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Tsunami Channel

Location: http://www.tsunamichannel.com/
Updates: daily
Actual Updates: Normally daily, but on pause now since start of August while team works on an anime of it, I think.
Rating: 12/15
Recommended by: FlameRider
Example Strip: [1]

Actually, several different comics.  The first few are very strange, but explain the beginnings of the cat-girl.  ExCoKo? (Experimental Comic Kotone) takes up the main body and is based on a DatingSim type situation with funny extra bits.  The main character is 'the player', known as 'Onii-chan' to Kotone, the robot-girl who adopted him as her brother and who looks about twelve.  He has no other name.  Also present are the Motoko-like Laika, the bishounen and very H Konstantin, Haruna the Japanese girl (it's set in Pittsburgh) and various others.  Strips range from funny one-off pages to long and serious story-arcs.
There is also Magical Mina (MaMi?), a seperate comic about a non-typical Magical Girl.  It's shows how CardCaptors? or CardCaptorSakura could have been good. 
Also occasional parodies (the 'Noir' ones are very good) and the artist (Akira) and his computer (Tsunami-chan) appear fairly regularly.  Some references to Hentai stuff.  Actually, make that quite a lot of references. On the other hand, nothing explicit.  All in all a good laugh.
The comic is currently focusing on a new series called "Love Situation" (or LoveSit? for short) which stars a series of different characters in different typical anime love scenes.

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