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Wapsi Square

Location: http://www.wapsisquare.com/
Updates: Weekdays
Actually Updates: Weekdays.  For, like, eight years.
Rating: PG (There's boob jokes, a few punches, nothing worse)

Recommended by: Tsunami, Vitenka
Example Strip: [A useful skill]

Very involving strip, usually four panel, and not necessarily gag strips either.
Two good friends start to find that there is more linking them than just friendship, much deeper and darker storylines run here. A lot of stuff about pre-history linking ancient Mayan and Egyptian histories (as well as others) together. Well worth reading through as it is neither dull nor fluffheaded.
Art style is quirky but not unattractive.
I recommend. --Tsunami

It's very very slow, it mainly focuses on a few quirky friends and their lives and simple problems like getting a date.  Plot starts happening around two years in, though you don't really realise that it's plot then.
After that we start to focus on metaphors for peoples problems, lots of dreams and shadows.
And then you get a whole bunch of new people, a pet cat, and some real 'ending the world' problems - about another two years in.
It's still going, and it's worth the wait - but some people might dislike the bait and switch part.  --Vitenka

I have now read the entire archive - it is large.  I'd rate the myth/fantasy and cheesecake elements as so so, but it includes some nice relationship/emotion/communication/how-you-mind-works-or-fails-to-work stuff. --DR

Seconding the very slow thing, with occasionally retconning going on.  Generally good though.  Not sure I'll keep reading it when I catch up (I'm in 2007 now) but the archives made for a good read. --K

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