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A WikiReview is an interesting thing.

Unlike a normal product review, no one is being paid to write it by advertisers and it usually contains multiple viewpoints.

Unlike a forum review, the points get argued in place, rather than after the whole review has ended.  And after it's all been refactored together you end up with a nice "Here is what the whole wiki thinks about it" type of thing.  Which is interesting when there are strong conflicting views.
While I completely agree with the theory, have any such pages actually been refactored yet on this Wiki? --K
Consider it a GuiltTrip? ;)  --Vitenka  I think there was something of the sort done on Ninjascroll though.
MagicTheGathering :P My and Vitenka's biiig argu^Wdiscussion from a year or two back got refactored off onto subpages and some kind of consensus-ish created on the main MtG page, IIRC. Umm... well, let's just say you do get a "Here's what the whole Wiki thinks of it", just spread across multiple comment ;)  --AlexChurchill

Anyway - CategoryAnime/EpisodeSynopsis is the main point of call for this.  Though it is aimed more to be a 'what happened this episode?' than a 'what I thought of this episode' type thing, bias becomes obvious.

People have also put their thoughts in about CategoryComputerGames and CategoryBooks.  Anything else?

CategoryCategory I suppose. Probably also CategoryWiki.

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