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According to their [website], "The In-Character Company".

RichardGarfield? designed a few very clever games.  Maths PhD.  Made millions selling MagicTheGathering.  Company became evil when it realised Expansions? would sell - although BoosterPacks? were already CrackDealer? TheFirstHitIsFree? evil.

Later the company bought TSR? - then got bought by Hasbro?.  Company appears to be in decline, with no groundbreakingly new ideas (only lucrative merchandise tie-ins)

The company is also known for its slightly shady and not terribly ClueFull? attitudes - someone else can provide the link to the (semi) famous article explaining where PleaseDontChokeAnyone? came from.

The article seems to have vanished from the web... -- Senji
Do you mean http://archive.salon.com/tech/feature/2001/03/26/wizards_part2/print.html ?
... 'Once the whole company had gone through the PDCA wringer, the program was forgotten. New employees didn't hear about it. Like an unmoored ship, the concept of PDCA simply drifted off into oblivion. It was memorialized by R&D in the cyberpunk game Netrunner, where it appeared as a card called "Please Don't Choke Anyone."' ...
-- MoonShadow
That's the one - I tried that site, but it's CGI was borked? -- Senji
Yup - that's the one.  That and part one.  Immortalised for me by the words: "There's something not right about geeks having sex.  With each other."  --Vitenka

I ought to add, by the way, that PDCA is still very much alive and kicking at my current place of employment, though currently being overtaken by ExtremeProgramming.  What is it with FailedManagement? and Fad?s?
ExtremeProgramming is at least a Fad? that might be semi-useful -- Senji
And so was PDCA (decide what you want to do, decide how you're gonna do it, make sure it's all gonna work then go and do it - fairly simple and obvious.  The Idea isn't bad, it's the Fad? aspect, the time taken to get everyone co-operating on a new way of working, the time lost as you realise that it's fundamentally no better than your old way of working...

Cool!  Our first true WikiTroll?!  --Vitenka (Check revision ten) - was the 'and so was' comment mine, btw?


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