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A way of describing something so that they seem more important than they really are.  So instead of CoolWords? you have WordOfTheDay, and instead of Tess Durberville, you have TessOfTheDurbervilles? (someone check my spelling before turning that into a wiki page ;).
IIRC, it's Tess of the d'Urbervilles. I think that reifies as you have it there.--Requiem

(PeterTaylor) While this is a reasonable category for SiteOfTheMoment, WordOfTheDay, etc., WizardsOfTheCoast is stretching it, and DanceOfTheManyCheeses (as currently reified, anyway) doesn't seem to belong at all.
I was kind of assuming that was the point. --Requiem
WizardsOfTheCoast (a) sounds more important than CoastalWizards? and (b) is the name of the company to which the page refers, the naming of which was probably influenced by (a). So it does fit. --Bobacus
(PeterTaylor) Actually, that was my point. It's the name of the company, not a category.
Well, if this were CategoryXoftheYCategory?, very well. Most Category tags can usually be applied to pages that are not in themselves categories. --Bobacus

CategoryCategory CategoryXoftheY CategorySelfReferential

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