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The second in the Microprose XCom sequence of games.  Essentially a pure port of the first one (XComEnemyUnknown) with different sprites and terrain, because unlike the last one, this one is set underwater.  And instead of UFO's, we have unidentified submarine thingies.  The tech tree is almost exactly the same only with different names on it.  --Jumlian.

The minor changes they made to the game, made it harder than the first IMHO. --Requiem
Hillariously, this means that you have to do a significant amount of research in order for your troopers to be able to swim upwards. --SF
''Wait - harder than enemy unknown?  The game where you lose half your forces in the first battle and have no clue what to research and then even if somehow you manage to avoid losing your only carrier you're doomed because the countries stop funding you after the first month?  How is that even possible?  --Vitenka
Yeah.  Definitely harder.  The equivalent of blaster launchers require you to have researched pretty much all the other gun techs and caught one of the highest level monsters, I think.  Similarly, to even research basic armour requires you to have encountered the equivalent of the chryssalid terrorist, I don't even know if there is a better armour, I've not got that far.  Thus they slowed the tech tree down considerably and made it impossible to research the most useful techs until certain points in the game.  And in this one I have started a base raid, opened the door of the carrier and got the whole 14-man squad blaster-bombed to bits before even taking a step.  Now that's nasty.  And there seem to be slightly better alien tactics.  And the victory condition is to destroy 7 bases, each of which has two, very large levels, one outdoors, one indoors - making each base more than twice as difficult as in XComEnemyUnknown (due to mounting casualties and permanently losing people who are possessed by aliens when you do eventually find the lift) --Jumlian

Still quite good, wholesome alien-killin' fun, though.  Can be difficult to persuade it to run at tolerably slow speeds on modern computers, but hey it could be a lot worse.  (Try playing Syndicate on a modern PC and you'll rapidly understand the concept of unplayability).  --Jumlian.
Syndicate and SyndicateWars won't run on my machine at all.  Not even in DosBox  :(  And I paid a good two quid for them, too.  --Vitenka


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