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Night scenes take forever to do. It doesn't help that my black marker ran out some time ago (before the bar scene). Rua's coat has been computer coloured for all of this bit (serves me right for running with the cliche. I should've made it dark green or something). I'm also finding it very hard to maintain the height difference between Rua and Miriam - I'm not used to having very short and very tall characters.

On the other comic hand, I scripted some more Looking for the Sun today. Seven days to freedom (nearly). And I've got a whole lot of other stuff to work on too. On Wednesday all of this was all made much, much easier by the quadrupling of the RAM in my laptop. It's so fast now! The only minor problem is I no longer have enough room to save the entirety of the RAM to my hard drive so my laptop won't hibernate any more (it was a very useful function. But the RAM is more useful).

Waffle, waffle. I'm sure I was going to say something but I've forgotten what. Never mind, it probably wasn't important anyway  ^^;;

- Sun Kitten, 20th May '05

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