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Issue Two

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[5th April] 02_01

... Buhhhh...  Why is LookingForTheSun invading and trying to steal pre-stolen artifacts?  --Vitenka

Okay... so lots of different groups know this Artifact is important, but very few actually know what it is? --AC
Well, it must be important!  They stole it!  So we'd better get ahold of it before they figure out what it does.  --Vitenka  (McGuffin ahoy!)

[8th April] 02_02

Wowwww. Pretty picture. That's superb. --AC
Having now seen it at home, I'd just like to add for those stuck on dark monitors (and possibly your amusement):  It's a PonyTail?, not a wing - it's a tree branch not a BroomStick?.  It is a flute still, though, you'll be glad to know.  And the overly-skinny-looking thing?  That's his other leg.  --Vitenka  (Yes, I said him.  The monitor isn't that dark)

[12th April] 02_03

Out of interest, what colour do you people with normal monitors think her blouse is? - SunKitten
Um... Cream to light yellow?  Incidentally, I like Auren's character design :) --K
Looks pale green to me --Rachael
Pretty pale green. --Requiem
Lime green here. --AC
OK, thanks - I coloured it pale green, but it appears yellow on my abnormally bright monitor. I didn't know if it was the monitor or the scanner that was messing the colour up (and MoonShadow's monitor is abnormally dark, so no help) - SunKitten
Interesting.  Just checked it here at work and it is indeed pale green.  I've never thought of my laptop screen at home being abnormally bright but I know it does wash out some very pale colours.  Ah well --K

I was thinking - would it be possible / easy / wanted to set up an artifaxis RSS feed?  Links rather than the whole comic preferred.  Some of us are scattered brained, don't know what day of the week it is, and read LJ too much :-) - Sally
How many people would use it? - MoonShadow
Don't know.  I would, but I suppose that wouldn't make it worth the effort.  LJ is quite good advertising too, bored people quite often drift round their friends friends pages.  -Sally
I'd use it, certainly. And, well, surely getting an RSS feed thingy into the cron-job that uploads comics can't be too painful? - AnonymousMegaeraFan
Cool - 'nother vote ^^ What makes you think there's a cron job that uploads comics? ;) - MoonShadow
I would, but then I'm currently OK with my current system of happening to notice SunKitten updating the wiki in RecentChanges -- Senji

[15th April] 02_04

Wow, an RSS feed!  Thankyou!  -Sally

[19th April] 02_05

Superb expression in the final frame of 0205. The kind of expression that could go on a front cover. --AC

[22nd April] 02_06

[26th April] 02_07

[life of a museum curator]
[starts here]

I must have missed something - I didn't see anything about curators RoofWalking? with DodgyPeople? in there.  Then again, I did misinterpret 'museum store'  --Vitenka
I don't see Miriam roofwalking. This is that random person who came face-to-face with Rua in the prologue 01_02. Or are you implying she'll join them soon? --AC

[29th April] 02_08

Random note - The strip 02_03 (02_03) links to itself via the "previous" button. --CH
Fixed - thanks ^^;; - SunKitten
Wow. Who or what is that silhouette? Have we seen any{one,thing} with a silhouette like that before?? (And I'm not convinced that with the lamp by the door where it is, it'd be possible for anyone real to be silhouetted - I'd have thought that they'd be rather well lit. BICBW. --AC

[3rd May] 02_09

Now that's a pickup line you wouldn't soon forget :)  --Vitenka

[6th May] 02_10

We're starting to get a 'cast of thousands'.  Can we have a character gallery please? --DR
You have one: https://www.toothycat.net/art/char.html =) - SunKitten
*bounces*.  Oh, so the guy we saw [here] was [Rua], as we don't know the [fair haired thief]. --DR

[10th May] 02_11

Giggle. Unsurprising but entertaining - both that Lance would try it, and that the police are having none of it :) The police do seem remarkably clued in. Makes a pleasant change from their usual role in this kind of fiction. --AC

[13th May] 02_12

Ah, mornings, eh? --CH, 09:29 am
Oh, it's a morning! Yeah, that makes much more sense now. --Requiem
This guy would obviously make a wonderful Assassin...

[17th May] 02_13

Yes, I too am annoyed by the lack of a # key. But I only have to use a Mac for another 4 weeks, nyehehe. --Rachael
Likewise. I mapped F8 to it in Terminal.app... --TI
It's alt (option) 3. (So it is. Doh. I thought I'd looked through the option keys, and wondered why they think or more useful than #. --Rachael) Also available by pressing option are capital sigma, captal pi, square root, approximately equals, intergral,  small mu,  capital omega, greater than, less than, infinity.......--King DJ
Ahha, thanks. But it's still daft - you need the hash key to write shellscripts (right?). Not having it readily available on a Mac OS9 keyboard (like the one I'm typing on at the moment) is annoying but understandable, but not having it anywhere obvious on what is essentially a Unix box is silly - SunKitten
OS 9 has the same features though the keys might be reordered. You need to look at either Key Caps (OS 9) or Keyboard Viewer (OS X) will display all possible symbols you can get by holding down option, control and shift and which buttons they are tied to. I didn't know this 2 hours ago but I found it in 15 seconds using Mac OS help. I didn't buy my Mac because it ran Unix. I brought it because it was a Mac with a nice squishy GUI.--King DJ
I just typed shell script into the help file. Vaguely a DOS .bat file?--King DJ
Yes, I guessed OS9 would be similar, that's why I said thanks for the tip :) And no, most people aren't going to buy an OSX Mac to run Unix scripts on it. But if they're going to make the functionality available - which they have - they may as well do it properly. Googling for 'shell script definition' gives a list of definitions as the first entry, including a file of shell commands, also known as a shell program or shell procedure. Files having the # character as the first character are interpreted as C shell scripts and A file containing operating system commands that are processed in a batch method, one at a time, until complete. - full list  [here] - SunKitten
It is indeed option-3. But that doesn't work when I'm using irssi (by design, since I want alt-3 to do something for me in irssi...), so I remapped it. Seemed pretty sensible. --TI

[20th May] 02_14

[24th May] 02_15

[27th May] 02_16

[31st May] 02_17

It's been a long time since I've been struck by the cuteness of a character from a webcomic. Miriam when she's embarrassed (frame 4 of both this page and the next) manages quite impressively. :)  And Rua in the final frame here looks very reminiscent of Grimmer from Monster or Father Nightroad from TrinityBlood... it's that wonderful wide-open innocent smile... --AC

[3rd June] 02_18

[7th June] 02_19

[10th June] 02_20

[14th June] 02_21

[17th June] 02_22

[21st June] 02_23

[23rd June] 02_24

Definately interesting.  I wonder how the McGuffin is going to turn up again?  Off we trot into a rompingly good escape, I feel.  --Vitenka

Wow. Excellent front cover for LftS - I particularly like the window to another world. And is that faint sunbeams at the top-right corner?
As for the actual Artifaxis story, things are really hotting up. My biggest wonder at the moment is what the "them" are of Miriam's techie friend, why "they" are known for practicing forbidden science, and whether what characterises "them" is by birth or by choice... The way leaving Ember is such a big deal ("Outside??") reminds me a bit of FinalFantasy Seven. --AlexChurchill

[28th June] 02_25

Previous comments moved to [June 2005]. Should I re-organise the pages into issues 1 and 2 and so on, or leave them in months, do you think? - SunKitten
Mmm, issues would make a lot of sense. Particularly since the strips' "names" are issue/page. --AC

*sympathy* on the too much to do issue, SunKitten! --MJ

[1st July] 02_26

[5th July] 02_27

Well, that's feeling rather like the end of an issue. Off they march into the great Outside. Hmm, is anyone else being reminded of LookingForTheSun? And did I parse the penultimate page correctly as the mysterious blond thief whose name we've been told also dropping down to the Outside? Finally (and most pedantically), is it deliberate that one T in the EmberGazette?'s title is larger than the other letters? --AlexChurchill
I really like the "Better look after her cat" line.  Way to leave us hanging.  --Vitenka
Erk.. too much text manipulation. Bother - SunKitten

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