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There's lots to say today, which makes a nice change. I don't know if anyone remembers the Artists and Illustrators' exhibition, in which Sweatdrop are doing a number of workshops - I did mention it before. Well, they're offering a discount on certain tickets. Now you can buy entrance to the whole exhibition and one of the four 'conventions' for five pounds, and you get two free copic markers which themselves are worth a fiver. This is half price from what it was before, and to claim it all you have to do is phone the box office on 0870 735 5566 and ask for the Sweatdrop half price offer. The 'conventions', which last an hour and a half, include a history and overview of the Japanese art form, character design and creation, character development and setting and sequential art - the last of which I'm helping present  ^^

Secondly, I got a lovely surprise in the post this week - Denji and Bex sent me some fan art for my birthday. There's a Kite keyring by Bex, and the very first Artifaxis fan art ever, Rua and Miriam, by Denji. They're so cute  *^^*

Thirdly, would you buy this book? Comments welcome - thanks :)

Finally, look what's in the Borders bookshop! On a rack - close up - on the shelf - close up - and on the wall next to Card Captor Sakura, the Death manga and Fruits Basket - and a close up. They're only in the Cambridge Borders.. for now  ^.~

- Sun Kitten, 24th June '05

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