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Our flat's main living room faces south and has windows along the entire south wall. In the day, in summer, it is a veritable oven. Our bedroom is on the other side, and had a very small window. More importantly, it has a somewhat underpowered and overworked little air conditioning unit which, when set to 17 degress (the lowest it will go), maintains a comfortably cool temperature in the bedroom despite the sun's best efforts.
Our cat has long(ish) fur. She's not afraid of the air conditioner, even when it's on, and she spends the day in the bedroom (as far as we can tell). Yet she spends the evening lying stretched out in the hottest room in the house, by the nonexistent shade of the webserver, refusing to come anywhere near the nice cool bedroom until the lights are out and she gets to play 'pounce on and eat the feet under the blankets'.

Cats are strange.

- Sun Kitten, 21st June '05

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