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This is a longer strip than usual, although there have been double-page strips before. I haven't had time to deal with most of the stuff I did at the Artists and Illustrator's Exhibition, but here's a picture of Rua in armour (I really liked the blue-green marker). I basically spent three days playing with markers and doing some talks, so there are some more pictures to come, all but a few of which were done in markers. I was demonstrating the use of Copic markers,which are slightly different shades to my normal ones (hence Rua's slightly odd skin colour in the above-linked picture). I'll put the rest up when I get round to it; hopefully tomorrow. That also reminds me; I need to sort out the gallery. Thumbnails look good but are a nuisance to set up, but however I twiddle the index page, I need to remove the oldest stuff and make it more attractive and better looking. Any ideas welcomed  :)

I know when you name a character a 'normal' name like Mary, or Tom, there will be lots of other people with the same name, but it feels much worse when it's a made-up name. I've never seen and only barely heard of Farscape; I didn't know it featured a character called 'Aeryn Sun'. I'm wondering about changing the spelling of Looking for the Sun's Aeryn, but I'm also wondering how much it really matters, given that people don't mind with normal names. I don't want anyone thinking I did it deliberately, though, when it's probably a coincidence and at most entirely subconscious.

- Sun Kitten, 26th July '05

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