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Well, that was stupid. Sorry guys - I didn't realise my page planning left a two-row strip. Oops. Next Tuesday's will be long, and there should be some additional art as well (from the day I spent playing demonstrating with Copic markers). I really enjoyed the day at the Artists and Illustrator's Exhibition, although the news of the bombing attempts put a bit of a damper on proceedings. We thought we might have to stay there last night, because we'd left the car at the end of the Northern Line, but all was well in the end. Hopefully the next three days will be as good  ^.^

The Vampire Hunter D novel is good, albeit with some odd turns of phrase (probably a result of translating from a different culture as well as language).

Oh yes, and this month's Neo (UK anime and manga magazine) has an article about drawing manga done by Sweatdrop, and I got a column on inking with dip pens  *^^*

- Sun Kitten, 22nd July '05

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