Artifaxis is updated on Tuesday and Friday

A new issue has begun! And the font has changed - I am very fond of Tempus Sans, but it is not a comic font and I can get a lot more text in with this one (Digital Strip, courtesy of Blambot). Looking for the Sun will still be done in Tempus; I've already printed one volume and I can't face redoing 15 issues  ^^;;

Speaking of volumes, Jig has a character profile in the next one, so I've been drawing a lot of her in the past couple of days. I've written some appendices for it as well, about magic and gateways. I'm wondering whether to put them online or not; I like to make everything available (because I like free things too :), but it's also nice to have a few special extras in books, and they're not essential for the storyline..

- Sun Kitten, 6th January '06

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