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Er - sorry. There has been a cock-up. If you click back, you will find what should have gone up last week, instead of this strip, which belongs to this update. Doesn't look like anyone noticed though ^^;;

There's a new picture in the gallery -a commission for a book, along the lines of 'science fiction adult male'. I was trying to stay away from the "bishounen with a tortured past and large sword" type (swords are not incompatible with science fiction in manga), and ended up with a Han Solo character instead, and I'm quite pleased with him. I'll get round to giving him a background eventually. What word would you use to describe this sort of character? For example, Aquamarine is a 'magical girl', Cheszya is a 'pirate kid' and Jig is a 'thief' - what one word or phrase describes him? I'm also stuck for a name, although that's less important (!)

I am waging war on my new Doc Martens, and the tide of battle is beginning to turn my way, aided by copious plasters. I'd forgotten how much the wretched things hurt when you first get them. Thankfully, cycling doesn't hurt at all, and anyway, I love looking at them. It's been ages since I had a pair. These ones had better last a long time.

- Sun Kitten, 24th January '06

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