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Hefty strip today. I've been trying to keep the length of each strip to a page, but this week it didn't work. I prefer to keep strips short for several reasons; firstly, and probably most importantly, I think the art is better when I only draw two pages a week. Secondly, Artifaxis has a marked tendency to sprawl. If I restrict myself to two meaningful pages a week, the story is a bit more controlled and hopefully less slow (I suspect if I wrote it an issue at a time rather than two or three pages a week, that would improve, but I've been intending to do that for ages now). And of course, if I only draw (and ink and colour) two pages a week, I have more time to spend on Looking for the Sun other projects. This time, though, this one just didn't fit, and it's worth doing things right. So enjoy the two pages, and I'll keep trying to control the wretched story as best as I can :)

- Sun Kitten, 24th February '06

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