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There's been a chair saga at work since I started. My first chair was horribly uncomfortable and gave me backache, so I swapped it with another from a different office. This one would have been comfortable if only the back stayed where it was angled - the catch didn't hold, which makes for a very upright and somewhat stiff sitting position, jammed again the desk. Health and Safety came round and gave me a new chair, in the same style, which worked, and sent the other off for fixing. Apparently, they said, that chair style breaks a lot. This I found true today, when my new chair developed the unsettling habit of pinging back to upright position - first whenever I sat down, but by about mid-morning it was doing it whenever I shifted position. Health and Safety told me to bring it down again, that they had two more chairs for me to try (they're very nice people). So I dutifully trundled my recalcitrant chair down again and selected a snazzy black one in a different style but with the same comfortable back - hopefully this time one that won't rebound back on me every time I sneeze.

There's always a catch. If I like this one, if I haven't broken it after a week, I have to get a new one ordered. Why? Because we're only allowed blue chairs. Black is for the other building.

- Sun Kitten, 28th February '06

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