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The panel at the bottom is actually a double page spread. It has taken me longer to put together - three scans to align and three speech bubbles to place, plus a bit of cleaning up - than two or three normal pages would take (with resizing, borders, speech, bubbles, clean up and polish). This is because my computer can't really handle an image that size at 600dpi, despite having an indecent amount of RAM. It is incredibly frustrating to load an image, make one alteration and be told I don't have enough memory to do anything - even save. Even worse is that irritating error message: 'Not a valid JPEG-JFIF file.' Well, no, it's not - it's a Paint Shop Pro file. What it actually means is something along the lines of 'I can't save that but I'm too embarrassed to say it again so I'll try a different error in the hope you'll go away.'

I'm pleased with the page, though. Hopefully it'll work in print ^^

- Sun Kitten, 31st March '06

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