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If you haven't already read it, the prologue might cast some light on the situation Arram's found himself in.

It's not quite a proper update, but since MAMEzine issue 3 has been published, I can now put Kite's Story online. The art is really dated, and there are only 8 pages, but enjoy anyway. It's chronologically placed after the events in issue 4 and before they reach Taerside in issue 5, and is basically the story that Kite is referring to in this page of issue 9.

And because I'm getting bored of the sluggish pace, have a preview of issue 17 (spoilers for 14 as usual..). It's almost entirely as scanned - I did brighten it up a bit and fix one mess, but the red pencil is still there. I quite like it as an effect ^^

- Sun Kitten, 4th April '06

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