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We went to Sutton Hoo yesterday, to see the Anglo-Saxon burial there. It was a fantastic day out - the beginning of things has always fascinated me, which is one reason I like studying evolution, so hearing about the very early history of England was very interesting. We wandered round the exhibition as well, of course - the craftmanship of some of the pieces was staggering. It's also a very pretty place to wander round, with forests and the river nearby. As a bonus, there was a random secondhand book sale in a nearby building, so we bought a couple of books and then saw some beautiful quilts at an apparently unassociated exhibition in the same building.

We finished the evening watching Howl's Moving Castle again, courtesy of a friend, which was a lovely way to end the day - and the long weekend. Back to work tomorrow, but at least I did something with my free time other than making comics, and I came away from the day with lots of reference material and some colouring techniques to try, thanks to the unexpected quilt exhibition :)

- Sun Kitten, 17th April '06

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