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Bwahaha I'm back in.

I have this overwhelming desire to play Mortal Kombat Deadly Alliance. 2 questions. 1 will Game Cube games play on the Wii, as I sorely desire one. And, will UK games play on Japanese hardware, without a freeloader?
Much appreciated
I know GameCube games will play on the Wii but I'm not sure about imports, I suspect not. Hope that helps. --Steve
Thanks! I might indulge myself then. -- Hoshi-Chan

[Korean English]

[more links to follow] you know you want to... and that you want to order one too. (^^)

Hey All! Just a really quick note to say thanks so much for all your emails - sorry I haven't replied much - not having the internet at home yet means I have to do it all at work and I get a bit caught up in the necesities and then forget the fun bits. But they all have cheered me up and made me miss WednesdayAnime ! I have been watch lots of odd TV programmes and Anime which I will update everyone on soon - I hope the best so far - Coyote Ragtime Show, Project Blue and few others - Nana and Honey and Clover come to mind (that maybe a 2nd series I'm not sure).
Anyway things are going very well and I'm very happy! - Come visit soon!
Internet should finally be sorted in teh next 2 weeks (fingers and toes crossed!) and I start my Japanese classes next week too - Wish me luck!!! oh yeah and the DenshaOtoko deluxe DVD comes out on Saturday - please let it have subs!!!!
Soreja! Cx

As I'm off very soon there shall be a leaving thing on Thursday the 10th, from 7ish at the location of SaturdayCoffee !

[My LJ]
Woohoo! XD Shame about the job, but it's good you got a date ^^ - SunKitten

[how to have a 'domestic' through the power of hand-jives] Otherwise known as Japanese TV is wierd. Worth waiting for the last one.
What have I let myself in for??
From the same people, by the looks of it: [How to handle being mugged]

[My favourite Japan Site] due to some currently risky entries, appearing here rather than SiteOfTheMoment. Look out for the Butler Cafe!

Thank you all for the Cambridge info, I handed it all in today!
As a small token of my appreciation : [pi-ta-go-ra su-i-chi, which means “Pythagorean switch.”] Enjoy x

You know you've read too much Freudian criticism when... you begin to notice parallels between certain Amsterdam streets and the Porters' Lodge in which you work/ are displayed. (^^);

Also Hoshi-Chan. Whoops, my bad - SunKitten

Me Yay!

indents more


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