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I've been doing a lot of sketching recently, trying to remake my style into something more consistent and distinctive. There was a thread over at the Sweatdrop forums asking whether we liked our own styles or not, and I thought about the way I draw and I don't think it is particularly distinctive - or consistent, both of which are quite important really! I really liked the face layout in this sketch, and I've been doodling like that for a while, so I had a go at drawing faces in that style. I picked Kite and Saryth because they have different head shapes, and these are what resulted. I like the overall look, so I'm going to keep aiming for this sort of style and consistency. I'm especially pleased with the second sketch, and am experimenting further with digital inking with it - maybe one day I'll actually have something complete to put up :)

- Sun Kitten, 2nd May '06

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