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I have been waiting to draw this strip for some time. I really rather enjoyed it, too :)

Speaking of things I've been waiting to draw, Looking for the Sun 17 is finally done - please enjoy! I had a lot of fun drawing this one; next issue is also going to be fun, in a more lighthearted way too. I've been planning it for a long time; cycling 5 miles every morning and evening leaves lots of time to think.

I went looking for names the other day, for various reasons, one of whom you shall meet soon. Most of the characters in Artifaxis have real names; Rua is the exception. Rain is obvious. Miriam's name was selected not really at random as such, but without conscious thought, so I was very pleased to find that it means 'strong willed', which couldn't be more perfect if I'd chosen deliberately. Arram's name was similarly selected, but it means 'high' or 'exalted', which is less specifically fitting. I picked it because I liked it and because it hails from the Middle East. His surname was deliberately chosen from a long list of Egyptian names to sound good with his first name; Ishaq means 'laughs'. I think it must come from the same root as Isaac ('he laughs'). The biblical patriarch was so named because his mother laughed when she was told she was going to have a baby (Exodus). According to google, the ancient form is 'Yitschaq' or 'Yitzchak'.

It's fun looking at name meanings. It's rather a shame Kite and Saryth have entirely made up names. Well, I suppose Kite's name's meaning is relatively clear, anyway. Aeryn is apparently an alternative form of Aaron, which means 'mountain of strength'. That's somewhat less appropriate, but never mind ^^;;

- Sun Kitten, 28th April '06

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