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The IMAF 2006 competition has several categories, one of which is a specific character design. The brief is "Design a mythological character for the present day. The character needs to be put into a modern context and a modern day situation - the situation must not be complex, but more every day even mundane." So I present Emmeline, the cubicle sprite, courtesy of Moonshadow's twisted imagination :)

Something that probably only interests me, but I found a meaning for Saryth's name. Amusingly, and possibly appropriately, the closest real name (as far as I could tell from the internet, a dubious source at best), which is 'Sarith', is female. That didn't have a meaning in the online database, but 'Sarit' (also female) does. Apparently, it's an Indian or Jewish name meaning 'river'. So now you know.

- Sun Kitten, 22nd September '06

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