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Issue Eight

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[15th September] 08_01

[19th September] 08_02

[22nd September] 08_03

[26th September] 08_04

[29th September] 08_05

[3rd October] 08_06

yay up to date - looking good! Cx

[6th October] 08_07

[10th October] 08_08

[13th October] 08_09

[17th October] 08_10

[20th October] 08_11

I have to ask. What is the foodstuff that's scared about being eaten by the "Hungry" boy? --CH
A rice ball - an onigiri. I was under instructions to make them as Japanese as possible (hence the Godzilla) - SunKitten
Ah, and that's a piece of Nori? underneath? Ok, that works for me. --CH
Wow, "Sad" is particularly excellent. And "Shy" is so, so, so cute! Awwww! --AC
I wonder if that's a Western-v-Oriental thing: I could tell pretty much all the rest easily from the picture, except "Sad". Until I noticed the tears anyway. But I agree that "Shy" is very cute. --CH

[24th October] 08_12

[27th October] 08_13

[31st October] 08_14

[3rd November] 08_15

[7th November] 08_16

[10th November] 08_17

Congratulations! Very cool. Is there any tangible acknowledgment of this? (i.e., did you get a fancy trophy?) --CH
Thanks *^^* And yes, although they took it away to engrave names and stuff on it. It's a pentagonal glass cylinder about 20cm high; the top is cut diagonally with a star cut out of the surface (hard to describe). Quite tasteful, actually, and very pointy - ideal self defence weapon ;) The festival's on all weekend in the County Hall in London, next to the London Eye, and it's free to enter if anyone in or around London wants to come, by the way :) - SunKitten
So is that whole thing about it being animated actually gonna go ahead then? If so do you have any idea when or how it'll be available? Also well done! --Fer
I don't know - that's what the website says, but... And thanks ^^ - SunKitten
ChrisHowlett: [09:02] Also - go SunKitten!
Senji: [09:06] Yes, indeed
AlexChurchill: [09:31] Wow, superb. Although I did have a bit of a hunch that she'd win, somehow :)
M-A: [09:33] Fantastic, well done!
no-reverse.redstone-isp.net: [09:37] Three grand richer eh? Not to be sniffed at. Well done.

[14th November] 08_18

[17th November] 08_19

[21st November] 08_20

[24th November] 08_21

[28th November] 08_22

[1st December] 08_23

Yay advent calendar!  Yay demonic Christmas ornaments!  But...  Doesn't the tree have to collapse now? --K

[5th December] 08_24

That's a great picture! I like your top the most, but you expression is spot on too. - Hoshi-Chan
Great picture - how did you do the two textured patterns? --M-A
Thanks ^^ The sleeves are a pattern tone from ComicWorks, on a separate layer set something like multiply or overlay.. I forget which. The shoe sole (assuming that's the other pattern) was just drawn on, using a reference image from the mighty GoogleImage? search :) - SunKitten

[8th December] 08_25

[12th December] 08_26

[15th December] 08_27

[19th December] 08_28

[22nd December] 08_29

[26th December] 08_30

[29th December] 08_31

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