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Something else has occurred to me about why Phoenix Feathers might be much easier to read than Artifaxis (in webcomic format, anyway). Phoenix Feathers was written to be read in bite-size chunks - a revelation of plot, a joke, or whatever, all in one comic - without giving thought to how it would all fit together when read in a book (because it, um, isn't one). Artifaxis is intended to be read as both a webcomic and a print comic, but I think the fact that it is rare for a page to stand on its own hinders the online reading significantly. I did try to get round that by combining pages but the way it's written - similarly to Looking for the Sun - means that in some cases there'd need to be 4 or 5 pages to achieve the same result, which is unfortunately far too much work for me to get through every week (admittedly, some of the Phoenix Feathers strips are probably the equivalent length, but Phoenix Feathers is scruffy pencil as opposed to scruffy markers, and was much quicker to do).

Meh. Oh well, I won't do it again.

- Sun Kitten, 3rd October '06

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