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Phoenix Feathers is updated on Tuesday and Friday

The game being played in today's strip is Magic:the Gathering, a highly addictive collectable card game that expands to consume all available time, money and binder space. Follow the links for wiki description/discussions/general rambling, or see http://www.studiofoglio.com/art/gallerypages/lost/WN01.html (dead, 11 Jan 05) for a brief and amusing description of the game and its origins.

We got some second-hand bookshelves today. I've already pretty much filled one of them, and our other bookshelves look as full as they were before(!) I like having lots of books but finding homes for them is sometimes difficult. On the subject of finding homes, Murphy the cat decided she wanted to nest in the lowest shelf of the other new bookshelf (the one I haven't filled) today. It looks horribly uncomfortable, but she's a very strange cat.

On a totally different topic, we've been watching Princess Tutu. After two episodes, I am already hooked. It's like Utena but with ballet instead of swordfights. There's a recipe (yes, recipe) for it on the wiki which has to be seen to be believed, and also episode synopses of episodes one and two, which contain spoilers (but probably not very major ones, since they're only the first two episodes).

It's a good thing we've got new bookshelves, because I suspect that another title is about to add itself to our (not very short) list of DVDs-to-buy  ^.^

- Sun Kitten, 4th March '03

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