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Phoenix Feathers is updated on Tuesday and Friday

This week's been a bit sad product-wise. We started at the weekend with a request for a Rin mousemat and two requests for Rin T-shirts (hmm, and all from different people ;). But I forgot to mirror the mousemat image, and we're still waiting for the replacement kits. I managed to iron one transfer directly onto the T-shirt, which doesn't work very well, but the other one went on (and I made a hasty trip to Tesco's to get another T-shirt). And then, trusting the manufacturer's instructions, I put the two finished T-shirts in the wash, 24 hours after printing, in order to 'fix' the image. They said it would be fine at 40 degrees. They lied. So now we have two T-shirts that are totally useless and three as-yet unfulfilled requests. I'm sorry  ;_;
I'm tempted to just sell printed transfers from now on. Does anyone know of an alternative to Cafe Press which will print on black T-shirts?

Oh well. I started my thesis yesterday. And it's the Juuni Kokki marathon showing this weekend. I might even get a T-shirt done...

- Sun Kitten, 23rd April '04

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