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Fantasy, similar feel to FushigiYuugi?. Japanese schoolgirl gets accosted by a warrior from a fantasy world who says she is heir to a throne there, pledges his loyalty and wants her to come with him quickly before she's reached by one or another of the assassins sent to kill her by the ruler of a neighbouring country.

She wants no part of this and generally dithers long enough that they get into a fight, along with a couple of her friends. One of these is a fantasy geek who exclaims "I have been waiting for this all my life!" and begs to be taken along in her place. They both end up in the alternate world as a result.

What follows is not pretty. Basically, the one girl has to deal with rather a lot of nasty things to do with her life up until that point, while the other goes through various stages of self-delusion and bouts of insanity as she tries (and repeatedly fails) to deal with the fact that the world doesn't revolve around her and no-one particularly cares about her much.

MoonShadow and SunKitten watched an episode earlier. Then another. And another. It is now half past midnight, and we have just finished the first story arc. Detailed review when we can be coherent once more, but basically a must-watch.

Since no-one else has mentioned this, I think I will.  Exalted.  --Vitenka (Not quite a perfect fit, but since they draw on so much of the same source material people interested in one are probably interested in the other)
Ooo. Where can I get a copy (with subtitles)? As if I don't have enough demands on my free time... --Requiem
Wait, what?  Subtitled Exalted?  12-kingdoms was shown at a WednesdayAnime/MarathonSession?, so it can be located there.  --Vitenka
Sorry. Subtitled JuuniKokki (growls at English). Given that of the WednesdayAnime people there are about two who would recognise me IRL, and I am never free on Wednesdays anyway... perhaps something could be arranged via AC and GamesEvening? --Requiem, who already has a copy of Exalted
I should expect so.  I'll restate, to be clearer.  MoonShadow and SunKitten have it.  As for exalted, I should hope you do, given it was available as a free pdf for a while ;)  --Vitenka (Who is seriously considering running a JuuniKokki campaign using it.)

Official website: http://www.12kokuki.com/
Novel [translations] and FAQ

There was a WednesdayAnime/MarathonShowing of this during a weekend at the end of April 2004; it was good.


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