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This page is intended as a hub for organising weekend showings of anime series.

Weekend schedule

Friday night:
7.30pm meet up for 8.00pm meal. Taster showings and first eps of each of the series being watched over the weekend.
10am start. 1pm-3pm break for SaturdayCoffee. 6.30pm - 8pm break for meal. 11pm finish.
11am start, following brunch. Should finish by 2pm; aim to disperse for ~3-4pm.

Next showing date

These might be some that might not get shown on a Wednesday: if anyone likes shojo-ai (ish) then i've got 2 series of Marimite (Maria-sama ga Miteru) bombing about, for shonen-ai (ish) I've got Ouran High School Host Club. Like angsty teenagers? I've got Honey and Clover series I and II. I've also got Paradise Kiss, altho it seems to me that you'll probably have watched it already....oh, and if anyone likes bread, I've got Yakitate Japan, altho even I don't think I actually want to see that one o_O; Plus, I've got Comic Party Revolution, which sadly I do actually want to see at some point lol! XD --Wikivic

 pending if i can get the money together for tain fare [for the record £113 -and thats avoiding London], and if someone would be willing to lend me some crash space [ BIG PUPPYDOG EYES NO JUTSU!!]i can offer:
-Hidamari sketch [series 1,2+3 and all the extra episodes]4 cute highschool girls and their less than ordinary lives  [did i mention that Akiyuki Shinbo was one of the directors?]
-Dokkoida!! [12 episode series] - parody of the tokusatsu/superhero genre
-moyashimon [choice of 11 episode anime or 11 episode live action series]
the series follows the lives of newly arrived university student Kei Yuki, and his gifted friend Tadayashi Sawaki.
Well, I say “university” its more like an agricultural university.
And I  say “Gifted” its more like “the ability to physically see and touch bacteria”
....And I  say “bacteria”, its more like “anthropomorphised and uber cute bacteria”
- armored trooper voltoms [52 episodes]- considered some of the best and grittiest real mecha shows to come from the 80's - defintly worth considering,even if only for the wednesday anime slot]
and finally i can offer
- mahoraba~heartfull days~[26 episodes] - boy meets girl, girl likes boy, boy likes girl, girl turns out to have multiple personality disorder, but no memory of the other personalities.
...did i mention this is a romantic comedy?


Anime series eligible for /MarathonShowings are ones that are perhaps too controversial for WednesdayAnime. Controversial how? Basically, anything that more than a couple of people want to watch or that MoonShadow and SunKitten are particularly interested in showing, that would cause or has caused more than one or two people to walk out of WednesdayAnime if shown there.

The showings will be semi-regular; 2-3 times a year. Limited floor-crash-space will be available, may expand depending on generosity of participating Cambridge residents.

Suggestions for samplers and stuff to watch on later occasions here.

AngelsEgg (~1h40)        (hard watching, not really a WednesdayAnime sort of thing)
GraveOfTheFireflies (2h?) (ditto)  vote from AC, if that's relevant. I believe I need to see this :)
KemonoNoSoujaErin? (50 episodes, needs a bank holiday weekend)

MoonShadow's report: 14/15/16 Nov 2003: Gravitation, YamiNoMatsuei
Only a few people turned up initially, which was probably to be expected since the purpose of the marathon was to show unpopular anime. Gravitation went down well. YamiNoMatsuei didn't, and was abandoned (we watched Memories?, Noiseman and lots of music videos and other random things instead) until Sunday afternoon, when a completely different set of people turned up and watched it. Future marathons, if any, will need more planning WRT backup stuff to watch.

MoonShadow's report: 23/24/25 Apr 2004: JuuniKokki
Lots of people turned up for this one; at the height of it we had (in no particular order) Vitenka, Macloud, AlexChurchill, Pallando, Oneiros, Tsunami, nagi, PatrickByrne and GreenOpal, as well as a certain illustrious non-ToothyWikizen; and SunKitten and yours truly, of course. Our current location seems to be approaching capacity. We watched six eps on Friday, twenty-odd on Saturday and another nine on Sunday, polishing off three arcs, with random music videos in the breaks. Early arrivers got to see the first couple of episodes of LastExile, which they hadn't seen any of before; late leavers watched the first episode of LePortraitDePetitCossette. There was certainly no shortage of stuff to watch this time! Food was mostly take-out; SunKitten and I both enjoyed the pub lunch on Saturday and think that a long break in the middle of the day is a very good idea.

The DarklyCute marathon was held on 15/16/17 Oct 2004 - [KimiNozo] and NaruTaru, with extra episodes of SamuraiChamploo and the Eva fandub parody :) Vitenka, macloud, Tsunami and AlexChurchill were there as well as SunKitten and MoonShadow (of course) and other guests. It wasn't quite as packed as the JuuniKokki marathon.

MoonShadow's report: 9/10/11 Dec 2005: GreatTeacherOnizuka and DenshaOtoko.
Yayy - lots of people! We need a bigger house. Thank you Tsunami and Hoshi-chan for extending the invitation to your birthday meal to all attendees! We got through all of DenshaOtoko, which was very well received, and managed to make a fair dent in GreatTeacherOnizuka; we also caught some random episodes of GakuenAlice and Karin, which people seemed to enjoy; also, an episode of Kwoon was duly inflicted upon people as it should be ;) Sadly, there was not enough filler time to show any Firefly or Spaced in the end, so we didn't get to watch any - sorry, Steve, and thanks for bringing them! Also, TheCastle was full of people in costume Saturday lunchtime, so we had to go elsewhere. Anyone know what that was all about?

Vitenka just wants everyone to know that he's back safely.
Pallando says thank you for the marathon and lunch
Edwin seconds Pallando
All welcome! - MoonShadow
No problem on not getting to see the stuff I bought, the things we did see were equally as good. I think the people in fancy dress were morris dancers possably holding a mummers play. --Steve

MoonShadow's report: 7/8/9 Sep 2007: XTv and BattleFairyYukikaze?
Yayy - lots of people! We got a bigger house. Thank you Emma for providing the XTv box set. XTv was much better received than I was afraid of, but Yukikaze didn't go down as well as I'd hoped, so horses for courses I guess. We also had time at the end for some random things: When Cicadas Cry was found a bit too cute, "Oh! Edo Rocket" left people somewhat perplexed, and people liked SpeedGrapher a whole lot - perhaps a showing of the middle and end of that is in order at some point.

''DDD's report 21 Apr 2014
''Darker than Black (25 Episodes) just fits into a single day's viewing.

SunKitten's thoughts on what works, in no particular order, based on watching (1) Eva (26 eps) (2) YamiNoMatsuei/ Gravitation (13 eps each, not all of YnM? was shown) and (3) JuuniKokki (39 eps):

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