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A couple of days ago it was pointed out to us that it's been about three months since we had a Marathon Anime Showing (all I remember was heat, and the heatwave I thought was in May, but apparently there was one in April too ^^;;). Anyway, the next up - we're aiming for September or October - is the Cute and Angsty marathon, consisting of Kimi Ga Nozomu Eien and Naru Taru. There's a possibility that we could show Kanon, although I think the first two will be plenty and next to them, Kanon doesn't quite stand up (not enough character torture). The other one that came to mind is Seishu Heiki Kanojo (She, the Ultimate Weapon), although we don't have all of that (apparently, it can give Grave of the Fireflies a run for its money). It's always good to have plenty of backup series. Anyway , if you want to come, sign up for a weekend  ^.^ Limited crash space is available, as before.

- Sun Kitten, 27th July '04

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