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A dating sim anime so good they made it twice...

Apparently the original, made by [Toei-animation] back in 2002 was popular enough to warrant a remake.  An impressive feat in itself.  The new (2006) series is being produced by [Kyoto Animation] and is apparently 26 episodes long as opposed to the original's 13.

Kazuhiko has started watching the new series but is guessing that, between the expanded length and knowing how it is basically going to end, this is going to lack a lot of the punch of the original.

So obviously based on a DatingSim it isn't true...

Yuuichi's parents transfer around a lot so he rarely settles in one place for long.  This time, though, his parents have gone to Africa (?  We're only told that they speak Swahili whereever they have gone) and so he has gone to stay with his cousin, in a place he lived briefly 7 years ago (I guess he's now 14/15).

He remembers very little of his time there but the various girls he meets certainly remember him...  (even the one with amnesia ^^;;)

Cute, and only 13 eps.  Not sure I would be bothering to watch it if it wasn't for the Megatokyo references :) (yes, I know that's the wrong way round...)  This show has "sad girls in snow" stamped all over it in large letters.

I do want to try Taiyaki now though :)  Looks yummy (which is odd, since I have no idea what's in it ^^;;)

 - Kazuhiko

Taiyaki, aka red bean paste inside American-style pancakes stuff.  Yummy. -Nataku

OMG... OMFG...  This show is so fscked up... (apologies for my language but it's the best way I can come up with of expressing my current state of mind ^^;)

Right.  If you want cute shoujo show, watch the first six episodes and then bury the rest and pretend you never heard of them.  The rest are just going to mess with your head, I promise you.

I started off taking little quotes from the show so I could put some 'alternative titles' up here, in case people were interested.  Technically, this could be considered spoilers so I'll put them under /MinorSpoilers but its more my view on the proceedings than actual info on what happens.

Some comments are going under /MajorSpoilers though.  And I mean major, as in huge.  So don't read unless you never plan to watch this show ever.

 - Kazuhiko

Hm. Sounds like another one I'm going to have to watch. Oneiros, too, I suspect. - MoonShadow
I was about to say that myself. --Oneiros
me2... --AlexChurchill

*shrug* It's your head.  If you end up caring for any of the characters (which you probably will if you like shoujo/cute) then have a box of tissues to hand... - Kazuhiko

Hmm. A conversation with GreenOpal reminded me of this series again. So, okay, I hear that the style changes after episode 6, and that it's twisted and depressing. And Kazuhiko's warning seems fair, and probably aimed at people pretty much like me: I do like cute series, and not generally fond of watching depressing things happen to them in general.  So the question (for those who've seen 7-13, to be answered without giving out spoilers for 7-13): is it any good?  Would it be worth getting myself attached to these characters ready for horrendous things to happen?  Is it describable as "twisted and good", or just twisted?  --AlexChurchill

Well, MoonShadow liked it - quite a bit, actually. MoonShadow has no idea whether this means you'll think it's good, since we seem to like some very different things. If you don't like twisted stuff, there's always Hamtaro.. ;)
Well, I'd agree that NowAndThenHereAndThere was good, and that's pretty depressing a lot of the time. I don't know what other twisted things I've seen... KeyTheMetalIdol?, maybe, which was certainly good (with usual disclaimer about the end).  I'm not saying I don't like twisted stuff, just that I don't think being twisted necessarily makes it good in and of itself... and so am interested in whether people think Kanon is *good*. --AlexChurchill
Like I said, I like it; but if you are looking for some criteria other than complicated, emotion-wrenching plot and character development - the presence of which is what usually makes me (and I suspect Kazuhiko) use the word "twisted" - to make it "good", I suspect there are "better" things for you to be looking at. - MoonShadow
*sweatdrop* Meow!! That's, um, quite harsh?  You know I do like character development. And I can't think of anything that you've liked and shown me which I haven't liked. A couple the other way round, but that seems less relevant... ;)  Recommendation noted and treated with the usual high regard I treat your recommendations with!  -- AlexChurchill

Gomen. That was harsh of me. I kinda miss the days when we watched anime for how cool - how different it was; for the shock and novelty of it; the days when we'd gleefully pass things like MagicKnightsRayearth? on to people and watch their faces as they read to the end. Kazuhiko's description above reminded me of that, and your "yes, but is it any good?" reaction to it reminded me just how much we have all changed since then. - MoonShadow, who's gonna go all nostalgic for the afternoon now.
Oh yes. I thoroughly do remember the glee of watching people read Rayearth, and I certainly did appreciate that aspect of it for its own sake. Recall the backgrounds to the MaskedMan homepage images ;)  I see the resonance between Rayearth and the description above, now that you point it out. Yes, I think I probably should watch this... --AC

I thought of an example that might illuminate my question a little: the twisted end to VideoGirlAi?.  In my opinion, while that was indeed weird and twisted, it didn't make the whole OAV worth watching just for the shock of it, the way that Rayearth did.  (A certain cool section of dialogue or two notwithstanding.)  I think one would have to like the "normal" VGA style to like the whole OAV, while the Rayearth manga are worth reading even if one doesn't particularly like the style of the starting bits.  My question is which category does Kanon fall into.  Of course, if you disagree with my classification then you can't really answer that.  --AlexChurchill

I have been told my review was somewhat harsh so it might not be as bad as I made out.  I found one of the characters' stories to be genuinely touching but I will admit that a good portion of my enjoyment of this show came from a "What on Earth have they got left to do to him?" frame of mind. --Kazuhiko


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