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Written and drawn by SunKitten

/Volume1 (1-7)
/Volume2 (8-14)
/Volume3 (15-21)
/Volume4 (22-28)

Kite CosPlay! *Wai* Photos: [with cloak], [without cloak], [closeup].
(AmeCon 2008)

Short story [here], which I did for practice. Has spoilers for issue 14, like most things I do now. I mean, come on - issue 14 is so last year ;) - SunKitten

There's a little animation of Tickly Evil you can download [here] - a 6MB avi file :) - SunKitten

Just a nice note - the binding gets progressively better through the episodes.  The new ones are sleek and shiny and actually the size they are suposed to be rather than having random pages sticking out a bit :)  --Vitenka
Yeah, that'd be when we started taking them to a proper printer... the first three issues were printed and bound by us ^^ - SunKitten

I love LookingForTheSun!! It's so cool.. It deserves to be praised... Say, SunKitten? Who is your favourite character? In all honesty, I don't think /Kite? gets enough fans. But I just love her personality ^_^! --Denji
Yay! LFTS is my favourite toothycat manga! I agree, /Kite? doesn't get enough fans, but she's so cool! She's really good when it comes to action, ne? ^_~ But I'm sure she'll get more fans as we learn more about her ^_^ --Bex
They're both my favourites :) - SunKitten

looking for the sun, mmhmm, a very very good manga drawn by our very own sunkitten! wai! i think this should be praised so...yeey! looking for the sun is cool! saryth is soo popular! @_@;

Suggestion: On the main page, put up "Updated when a new issue gets done, which is, um, a few time a year?" or something.  Since it's not currently clear what the schedule is, may as well be explicitly unclear.  --Vitenka
I suppose. I'm a bit allergic to claiming any sort of schedule, but if it's listed as a webcomic maybe I should. And it's almost monthly, so there :) - SunKitten
I'd have said monthly, but don't want you to feel pressured to draw more or anything subliminal or anything :)  --Vitenka
You pressure me? You have nothing on the wretched story itself ^^;; :) Maybe I could have a 'next update expected...' thingy, since trying to describe the update schedule accurately without making it a schedule (which I would then feel bound to keep) or making it sound like I only do it when I can be bothered, which sounds negative (while being true), is rather hard... - SunKitten
OK, appropriate bit of vague stuff posted, in the hopes of making it not look too dead :) Maybe I should date the releases... - SunKitten
That would be nice for all sorts of reasons.  Why not have a "more" page for each episode, like toothycat currently does?  --Vitenka
Eh? Or was that written just to get the subliminal message across? Impatient person :) Only 5 pages to go, la-di-da, but I'm working at the moment. Not, actually, that this pays my bills any longer, any more than LookingForTheSun does. How sad is it to have 'molecular biology' as my main hobby? ;) - SunKitten
Kinda cool.  I meant have sub-pages on the wiki, per episode, where you could put the 'this was made on blah blah and released at blah blah con where it met with fantastic blah and blah blah' stuff.  --Vitenka
Maybe per-volume - there's not enough per issue (same reasoning for PhoenixFeathers being monthly). When I get round to it (or someone else does - any bored people out there? ;) - SunKitten
Have a RoundTuit :)

I just wanted to 1. Tell you how much I love Looking for the Sun and 2. By pure coincidence obviously I noticed that my sister's name 'Lyra' is in the manga and I have just read 'Only Tears' page 2 and discovered my name - as the girl who dies, but nontheless; just thought I'd mention it. And again - I love it! --Kii
Thank you! And - Anya? JOOI, do you have Russian ancestry? - MoonShadow
Actually no - Dutch and Swedish though...that accounts for my name - my sister's though; we have no idea. --Kii

Having only just noticed the 'OAQ' - I have never before had the urge to pronounce the name as kitty.  I do now.  TicklyEvil?.  --Vitenka
I want to know who tried using a sand python as a means of transport... --Hawk

Second OAQ [here] :) - SunKitten

I just read through all the first three books yesterday while Alex was working on NaNoRenO. Yay, they're so good, and I'm so looking forward to book 4! I prefer the books to the online versions because the pictures take too long to load on screen and because I like to be able to read a large chunk of the story at one sitting. I especially enjoyed the angsty bits and the entertaining chapter with Kite's mother and sister. Saryth is lovely, and some of the things that happen to him are really sad (in a good way). And his clothes are gorgeous.
Not sure if you want to know this, but in book 3 the footnotes' page numbers don't match. They're mostly out by exactly 10 or 20 pages, though, so still findable.
Yay, such a good story, and I'm looking forward to the rest of it. --Rachael
Glad you like it :) And, um, bother. Oh well, I can fix it next printing ;) Thanks - SunKitten
Well, if there's going to be a next printing, then ... the title of the final chapter in the contents list is printed as "?". I thought it was just a strange abstract chapter title, but then I discovered the chapter was actually called "Lingering Winter" and the "?" was presumably a stray placeholder. --Rachael
Oh pants. I must check these more thoroughly :( - SunKitten


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