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Phoenix Feathers is updated on Tuesday and Friday

Now I've got the previous deadlines all over with, I've started on more stuff :) Some time in the future there will be an update to the First Story. That one's almost all scripted. It's competing with Looking for the Sun, but I'm not in the mood for drawing cities right now, and I haven't finished storyboarding that. There's another thing I want to do as well, but it seems annoyingly content to take a back seat. It's not normal for Looking for the Sun to be happy to wait but I should probably just be glad it is. Having to do too much is fun but draining and stressful. Having too much to do is just fun, albeit slightly frustrating. But last week proved that if I don't have stuff to do I get confused. More than usual, anyway. I am relieved that my thesis already has time allotted to it (the whole working day, in fact), and Phoenix Feathers, which has first dibs on my free time, doesn't take long to do...

- Sun Kitten, 11th May '04

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